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Hello, this is the underwear from the Christmas event, available during  December 10th to January 10th in the tavern. 

Hello bug1205, you can raise their affinity by dueling them during tournament, outside of Whellcum or using the Dicktionnary.

Hello, You just have to work, duel, or play strip lucky several times with a character to unlock a new memory.

Glad to hear :) Thank you for playing!

Hello muscleguy224, you can follow these steps:

Hello, That's not a bug. You can complete his affinity by dueling with him. You can find him in Rusty valley.

Hello, are you playing the lastest version of the game?

Hello, No indeed.

Unlike the underwears, the sniffet only contains a single animation. 

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Hello! We'll first focus on finishing the development of the DLC, then, if there is enough demand, maybe we will print the complete version of the guide (that will also include content about the upcoming DLC).

have you tried to uninstall and reinstall it?

Thank you very much :D

We don't know when the DLC will be complete, it may take a while. And for Terry, we might not work on it for a long time, because we have another project in mind.

Hello, The xmas event is available between december 10th and january 10th. So it should be available now (depending on your time zone)

To access it, simply go drink an eggnog at the tavern :)

Hello Izze! Please send us an email at so I can configure the new CT system for you. It's all hosted in Google Drive now.

Yes the last character that can be unlocked is the king. But we are currently working on a DLC that will add new characters :)

Indeed, chests appear at a specific moment of the day, for exemple, for Highwood forest A, it only appears in the morning.

I'm sorry but as written here: the android version is exclusive to the version (because Steam doesn't handle android games)

I'm sorry but as written here: the android version is exclusive to the version (because Steam doesn't handle android games)

Bonjour, le New Game + est uniquement si vous avez envie de revivre l'aventure d'une traite, sans devoir à vous occuper de toutes les réparations du village. Mais également si vous voulez débloquer un succès en particulier que vous auriez pu rater.

Hello Linh13. If you bought the game on or Steam, you will have access to all the future versions for free.

Hello. Which version are you playing? Dating the king in only available since the 1.0 version (and not available in the 0.10).

Hello Justicus, I'm sorry for the late answer. Unfortunately we didn't plan to release a Dodoro DLC.

Thank you for purchasing our game :)

the demo and the game uses the same save file so you shouldn't have any issue.

you just have to save the king. the dragon is a side quest.

In the endgame, you'll be able to confess your love to the villagers. But first, you have to save the village!

Bonjour, oui bien sur, il suffira de recharger votre sauvegarde. Pas besoin de recommencer le jeu!

Yes of course, you just have to reload your save. No need to start the game from the beginning!

That's because the map he's in is only available at night :)

c'est un faux objectif. une fois que tout le contenu du jeu est terminé, on affiche un "nouvel objectif" qui est juste de prendre du plaisir ^^'

It already is!

Sorry about that, it's the first time we encounter such an issue.

if that's possible for you, can you send us the 2 log files located in this folder: "%appdata%/../LocalLow/GrizzlyGamerStudio/Robin Morningwood Adventure"

They are called "Player.log" and "Player-prev.log"

you can send them at this email:

Please also tell us on what device you're playing.

Hello Karagenon. Absolutely, but we can't give a release date for now.

Nothing, just enjoy yourself with all the hotscenes you've unlocked :)

Hello leather_fan,

Jerk off.

Hello, you just have to download the latest available and install it.

if you have trouble downloading it, you can follow the guide here:

Hello, Thank you for the info, we think we found the origin of the bug. it should be solved for version 1.0.6

We still have a DLC to make (the previously exclusive character for kickstarter backers), and then yes, the development will be complete :)

This is normal, because they have multiple weaknesses due to their cursed condition. We can't actually fit them all in the cells ^^'