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Thank you Banana! The new demo will be much more richer.

Because we are a two-persons team, having a job, needing to sleep :3

Glad you liked it!

Yes, only 3

Thank you!

Glad you liked it :)

Thank you Kipkaas

Thanks Dario!


Thank you Yankudza :)

Do you have OpenGL3 or later? If yes, probably a RAM issue

Hello Korato, you need OpenGL3 or later to play.

Hello Samapatti! Thank you very much for this feedback, I don't know if we're going to make a Linux version yet, but it's good to know


Hello Hyou vizer, this was just an optimization for the players having crash issues. We notified it but it seems doesn't appear in the development log... I'm sorry.

Hello Lonkichi. Could you give a try with the lastest version?

Hello GayDev3, thank you very much for your comment, it always warms our hearts to see such love for our game!

As for your offer to help developping the game, It's very nice of you! For the moment, everything is going smoothly, but if we need some help, we'll make sure to ask! Thank you very much!!

Hello DeathByCrane, we have discovered memory optimization issues that we will solve for the next version of the demo. We are sorry

Thank you so much for your notes thefluffycottontail :) actually the game is changing a lot, we will try to take into account most of your remarks

Would be awesome, for the release we will keep the english and french translation, but maybe later!


Thanks :)

I hope we could update a new version of the demo during the beta testing

Thank you for telling us :)

Thank you H.D.N Mist :) Maybe as a DLC, but we are not sure about it

This is probably because the RAM of your device, but we will fix it for the next update

Thank you Okcuck, glad you liked the demo :)

Hello Ardani, you need OpenGL3 or later to play

Hello J-Raythalos, maybe after the beta test development (we do not have the exact date of the release) , but we are not sure about it.


Hello GZSZ, 22 euros.

Hello ManuelCau92, we are sorry but you cannot contribute anymore. Thank you anyway for your support :)

Merci :)


Hello Gaymer69, we planned a full version for September, 2020.

Hello H.D.N! The game will be available on Steam and on android ;)

Hello ittokik, we launched a Kickstarter for the development of the full version :) 

Hello sc_6636, we launched a Kickstarter if you want to support us for a full game!

Hello Arche4569, did you play on android? (OpenGL3 or later is required)

Hello Anhtutq2005, because this is a demo version.