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Hello, This was in our suggestion list, but we currently don't know if we are going to implement it.

Hello, I'm sorry but since we are near the end of the development, we will focus on ending the story.

Hello, We will release the game on Steam once the development is over. So we think around may.

Hello. It should be to the King's statue at PM.

Sorry for this issue, We found it was linked to some lines of the community translations. It will be solved in the next update, that should be out today.

Thank you very much for this information. It helped us find why this issue happened! It will be solved in the next update :)

Hello, this is not a bug...

Here's some help: 

GrantX-Blue aura: 6, 6, 6, 6

GrantX-Green aura: 2, 4, 1, 2

Hello, sorry about that issue. Can you provide more infos on how it happens, on which device your playing, which plug you're trying to buy?

Hello, Can you provide more information on how this happened?

On what device?

Where exaclty did it happen? in the inventory by drag and dropping? Or in the Forge, by clicking the equip button?

What were your other equipments?

Hello, you can unlock Remembeers by working/dueling/playing card with the villagers. If you work with Beton several times, it will unlock a remembeer with him.

On what device are you experiencing this issue? because we can't reproduce it on the latest update.

Ah thank you very much, we'll fix this :)

Have you tried lowering the graphic settings? Especially the HQ Shader one, it should only be enabled on devices having a dedicated GPU.

If you use Orc favorite dishes and if you know his weaknesses, Dodoro shouldn't be that hard ;)

No it's still there, just not in badass mode.

This issue has been solved in update 9.12

We solved that issue in the 9.12 update :)

You should contact because normally, it is not possible to buy the game without making an itch account.

By following these steps :

Hello, thank you for your report, it will be solved in the tomorrow update.

I would have to check on your save. can you send us an email at with the email adress you used to create your cloud save?

Hello, are you sure you used the cloud saving during playing the 9.0? (Which means having Wi-Fi during playing)

Hello Racoonistry, this is not a bug. The enchantment only work if you have less than 75% of consumed HP to get the double cum shot.

This will be fixed in the next update. don't worry, it will fill up :)

You don't have to buy all of his items, but it sure helps ^^

The other way you can unlock his affinity is by fighting him (in the wilds, or withe the dicktionnary)

Absolutely, their effects cumulate. But if you place a new scroll on your cockring, it will replace its effect.

Hello, Strip lucky becomes available after you repair the forge.

Hello, Sorry about that, This will be solved in the next update!

Hello, follow these steps :

Hello, On what device do you experience this issue? I don't seem able to reproduce it.

Have you tried to harvest there first and try again?

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This is the Xmas story, you need to max your affinity with the twins, and then drink an eggnog at the tavern.

if you have the 3 leaves, a "!" icon will replace his normal shop icon and a dialogue will start.

Olá, sim, mas quando o jogo acabar e durante as vendas.

Hello, yes, but when the game will be finished and during the sales.

Hello, I'm sorry. Maybe your issue could come from your internet connection?

Merry Xmas to you too ^^

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You can find them somewhere in Helgem, and also can use the dictionary once you've found their weaknesses.

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You can always battle the seller in duel to increase affinity :)

For the moment the game is only available on, we'll release it on Steam later, when the development is over :)

Hello, absolutely!