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Uh... I don't see a download anywhere on this page.

You're welcome! Glad to see so few issues, since rhythm games take a lot more precision than many other genres, so performance and timing is vital.

Ah, now that I imported the save code into the downloaded version, it definitely ran smoother. Might be html5, might be the site having a data hiccup.

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Yeah, wow... Just typing down here, clicking on the game and waiting a while, then resuming... halfway through the next run it just stopped responding to clicks at all unless I spammed them. Barely got through that segment to the end of it. Hopefully a non-browser version will have that ironed out, but that's a major issue if it will do that when switching out of it. :/

:edit: Strangely, however, the next segment sped by at a normal clip despite typing this down here... and the ying-yang should not have triggered (no gold modifiers) but it game me bonuses )the effects of blast and guardian) and exactly what I needed to compensate for the temporary hiccup in clicking, which didn't last as long the next time.

Thankfully, with that being the end of the demo, I didn't see the random modifiers with ying-yang happen anywhere else, and elsewhere the lag was minimal. Just that last battle that had the worst of it, and the only one I had to redo after learning the mechanics.

Definitely some lag and rubberbanding with a few of the character battles when a modifier came into effect, especially any with the held notes, gravity reverse, or fission notes, and also just at random times with the miniboss battle. Without anything thinning the detection windows, at least a hit got in most of the time, but even without the thinning sometimes it just wouldn't respond with the timing of the music and previous timing across the left side, until it rubberbanded to catch up. Likely just an issue with html5 itself, but something that hopefully can get ironed out before the official steam release. Overall, some of the most fun in a rhythmn game I've had (let alone a lewd one) since Stepmania and Guitar Hero III. Great work!