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Thank you for your kind words! A discord channel is on the roadmap, but for now you can create issues on the GitHub page (link in the description). I look forward to seeing you in-game when that time comes!


There is a possibility that I will have a demo out by the end of February for you to try out.

Hello there! I was never expecting a response to my extremely early prototype. This upload was a proof-of-concept, but I have been working on putting out a pre-alpha. If you have any serious interest in this project let me know and I will dedicate more development time to it!

Oh wow, I never expected anybody to comment this early in development. Thank you for your interest! I ended up building a new prototype of Spirevale with a server created from scratch, so that I may scale up and add tons of new server-based features. The game is in a semi-playable state in singleplayer, and multiplayer allows you to see terribly animated players and chat with them. If you are seriously interested, I will dedicate more time to getting the first alpha out for you to play!

Thank you,

Here's ma bugs!