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Some feedbacks will be great so I would know what to change/add/remove/fix.

Thanks again for playing this game :D


Right now I'm working on loot system. So when enemy dies he will drop health potion or ammo.

Also I extended the player arsenal so now he has 2 more weapons. Added ammo system like: normal, special and heavy ammo but all of this will be available in next update :D

Thanks again for your feedback!

Freddy is tired of being in this grim world.

But his world wasn't always grim. 
There were times when his world was bright and colorful. But now... Now his world is grim.

Help Freddy to pass through many trials which are prepared for him by this grim world.
Help Freddy in his journey

Quick summary:

Freddy's Journey tells us the story of Freddy who lost himself.

As the game progresses, we learn that this world is an illusion created by Freddy deep in his mind.

The player will take control and lead Freddy to exit from this illusion.

The game include 20 levels + a few secret special levels that are hidden. 

The game is also available on Steam at the same price.  

Key Features

  • Easy to learn. Hard to master.
  • Complete all levels and uncover the true story of Freddy.
  • Solve puzzles to pass throug traps. 
  • Find hidden rooms for new challenges.
  • Lasers, falling platform and other traps will block your path to escape.
  • Be prepared for antigravity!