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Griffin Raynor

A member registered Jun 08, 2020

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ahhhhhhh this was properly scary. It actually gave me juuust enough real anxiety I thought I might have to quit, but the pace of the game had a way of giving me breaks to calm down so I didn't have to, so kudos for that! I played on normal difficulty the first run and the respiration 'scare' actually helped me reign in my breathing. 

I think what I enjoyed most were those words and answer choices, whether it was a proper scare or just a definition that was way too on point. And really almost all the words seemed significant and carefully chosen - I love those layers of subtlety. I also really enjoyed the extra lore on the 'hard' difficulty, and the looping nature of the game. 

I will say that I felt the 'final' ending was a bit too ambiguous, in a way? I thought I'd failed again because I wasn't able to turn off the phone, and then the doorbell rang and there seemed to be no one there, which is what also happened in the bad ending. After reading the comments it looks like the phone turned off without my input, and I did get the 'final ending' screen, but it was pretty confusing. Overall though this was a great atmospheric game, extremely unsettling and clever, and perfect for Halloween Eve!

Very spooky and sad! The way the horror atmosphere was built is really good like the first couple times the screen changed were really cool. Definitely disturbing in a really subtle way.

This is interesting so far but I got stuck in the 'weird, bedroom-like corridor' at the big sliding door. It says it can be opened with a thin object, but now it's not accepting any kind of input to allow me to either open the door or move away from it. 

Hey, I can't figure out how to play this? Half the time as soon as I press enter it immediately goes to the 'game over' screen and says 'you're dead.' Even when I get past that the objective is unclear and I only have a few seconds to run around trying to figure out how to close the vents before I die again. I'm playing the browser version if that helps.

This was very creepy and well done! I got the bad ending and I jumped even though I knew something was coming. The buildup of horror was very good - probably my favorite moment was the mysterious hand slowly handing over the teddy bear. 

this is super cute! there's so much character in the dialogue and it made me feel warm and fuzzy <3

I'm a huge Mirror's Edge fan and I have to say this is pretty dang cool. It looks awesome and the sense of momentum is done really well. Very cool design, and I appreciate that there are other people who enjoy this game!

EEeeeeeeeeee the cuteness. I had myself locked in a loop for a while because I kept choosing the 'safe' options that I'd already chosen even though I had more unlocked, until I realized that a) that was preventing me from progressing and b) Zoe is sweet and understanding whatever you say, as long as you're trying. This was just really sweet and it felt so worth it when I was able to tell her my feelings at the end. The happy fluffy feels are so good <3 <3 

This is so sweet and so well done! I love the scheme of additional/alternate text behind some of the narration, and the character's are really strong. And I have to commend you for including that fourth option, because as soon as I thought about what route I wanted to go for I realized it was none of the offered ones. The 'witch' ending is beautiful and so worth it. 

This was really beautiful. 

I uh, should've read the warnings before I started, lol!

This game was really cool! The concept and design were really nice, and as a person with depression (as well as anxiety and dysphoria, woo!) it felt very real and relatable. The frustration and disgust in particular is 100% accurate to my experience. And I appreciate the message at the end. 

That said, I do think the positive message is slightly overshadowed by the jumpscare and scary movie vibes right after the player admits their depression. That moment is what took me aback and while I liked it, I feel like leaning so heavily on the 'depression is scarier than any boogie man monster' concept is counter-productive for some if you're trying to send an encouraging message.  I definitely felt more anxious about the in-game scary thing at that moment than the real life reminder the game was trying to give me. Also, the prompt to get dressed on day two feels kinda broken? I understand they're supposed to be way harder, but every other prompt on day two was either doable or, once failed, still progressed the dialogue. I had to try to get dressed 10+ times before it worked. 

Overall though, this was really cool. I love the art style, the cat, the gradual shift in colors as you fail activities on day two, the self-talk loop... this is a very intimate portrayal of mental illness that I think will make people who struggle with it feel seen and people who don't have a slightly better understanding of it. And as a horror fan, I'm enjoying the trend of people sympathetically incorporating mental illness into the genre to explore and vent those issues. Thanks for sharing this!

This is really cute! The dialogue is adorable, the art is gorgeous, and it's very easy and pleasant to play through.

This was really fun! I felt validated when I got to the twist cause I guessed pretty quickly that she was going to have me cut my finger off. I enjoyed the absurdly peppy tone of that route where she acted like this gruesome thing was totally normal. What pleasantly surprised me though was when I retried and realized I could stab her rather than just refuse - that was a cool option to include! Her monologue about how I should've been a good employee was the icing on the cake. Overall a really cute, creepy, funny game!

Really nice atmosphere and design! The sound effects especially were great for building that tension.