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Thank you so much for playing on your stream :D. Glad you enjoyed it! If you want to find out what happened with your name at the end...I guess you'll have to do some more playthroughs ;)

Devlog for day 6:

End of day 5. Added stats, the passage of time, basic game menus, several loss conditions.

Thanks for the offer but I don't think I'll have time to integrate music into the engine.

Finally finished working on the procgen system!

I spent today working on more procgen, adding the river to the world and making spaces for settlements to go along the river. I still need to generate the settlements so I probably have another day (hopefully only one more day!) of procgen ahead of me.

End of day 2. Today I focused entirely on high-level procedural generation; getting the shape of the river and location of settlements along the river. Tomorrow I'll be generating the settlements themselves and finer details and integrating the procgen algorithm into the game.

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End of day 1. Got boat driving working as well as basic features such as visible area detection, doors, and walking around on the island, and also a subtle mist system.

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My game will be called “Boat Journey”. It’s about driving a boat along a river with the goal of reaching the ocean without running out of fuel or otherwise becoming stranded, while picking up passengers who give you additional abilities.

Dev log here:

Thanks so much for the screenshot. I think you're right about the bottom being cut off. I'll do an update that scales down the game so it fits on  the screen in all cases. In the meantime you should be able to zoom out in your browser.

Thanks for playing! I definitely intend to release a non-jam version of the game that adds rain sounds! The current motivation level is shown in the hud in the bottom-left. Is that what you meant?

End of day 6 post:

End of day 4 post:

A game about spending a few days in a forest, in the rain.


Day 7: Gamepad Support, Audio, Maps, Help Screen, Play Testing

Day 6: Enemies, Message Log, Space Gradient

Day 5: Weapons

Day 4: Upgrades

Day 3: Depressurisation

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Day 2: NPCs, Pathfinding, First Level, Final Level, Projectiles, Destructible Terrain

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Day 1: Procedural Generation, Rendering, Pretty Menus, End Text

You tape over the flashing warning light. An overheating engine is the least of your worries. Gotta focus.

The space station looms ahead. It's out of fuel, and about to come crashing down to Earth. Unless you get to it first. Special delivery: 1 hydrogen fuel cell with enough juice to kick the station out of this pesky atmosphere and back into space where it belongs.

Back home your buddies are placing bets on whether you'll make it back alive. Last you heard, odds were 5 to 1 against.

"Docking complete," sounds a lifeless mechanical voice. No word yet from the station crew. Comms must be down. Figures. Shouldering your pack containing the fuel cell, you trudge into the airlock. Gotta lug this thing down the five flights of stairs to the fuel bay. Who designed this place?

A dim light flickers on in the airlock revealing words smeared in blood on the opposite door: "DON'T OPEN! DEAD INSIDE!".

Better make those odds 6 to 1...

I'll share links to my blog where I'm writing daily posts tracking my progress.

Thanks! Were you playing in a browser or did you download the game to play locally? The downloadable version has the sound disabled due to a bug I found on the last day of the 7DRL. The sound in the browser version should work, but you may have to give the page permission to play sound.

Blog is generated with jekyll. For the theme I started with minima and modified it until I was satisfied! Blog source code (and content) is here:

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In the not-too-distant future, the year 1999, fallout from THE WAR has caused RADIOACTIVE MUTANT SLIMES to appear in the sewers of THE CITY. You are a GENETICALLY-MODIFIED PRECOG SUPER-SOLDIER, whose free-will was in-part traded for the power to PREDICT THE OUTCOME OF COMBAT ENCOUNTERS. Go into the sewers and ELIMINATE THE SOURCE OF SLIME!

I'll be posting links to by daily devlog updates.

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try it out.

A deck-bulding-but-otherwise-traditional roguelike.

Dev blog: