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Hello. i really enjoyed reading your writing about advice for new rhythm game makers, and i enjoyed playing this game a lot as a prototype. however, i do not think i would buy a full version.

the core conceit of the game seems designed to obfuscate the player's knowledge of what to do and cause them to fail based on arbitrary renderings of the projects translation between movement and music. i also don't enjoy single-input rhythm games or ones with auto-fail conditions.

i did finish playing what was the first long song because i respect your game design understanding and methodology. i am excited to check out more projects from you in the future. <3

BL Fest community · Created a new topic Soundtrack

Feels weird to be the first post, but just wanted to say I love the idea of this jam and would also love to provide soundtrack or music work to any games in need. Given the theme I'd love to do something in a dating sim/anime style, but am happy to work with whatever so we can make a game successfully. Ganbare yo!

Howdy jammers; just wanted to throw out my services as a composer/soundtrack dude for the event. You can peep my work on soundcloud or on my profile. Not sure what more to say except that I'd really like to help out--I'm a bit of a noob to the scene but have the same enthusiasm everyone else does, and I hope everyone does their best and enjoys the experience. :)