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This is one of the sweetest comments I've ever gotten! Thank you so much, this made my week!! 

hope you feel all better soon! excited to follow the progress!

WE'RE SO BACK. okay I just reached act 3 and ahhhhh okay I mean I have so many thoughts I don't want to put too many spoilers but like...ash's former wish to have her father be home more...was in tears at that part

the BALCONY scene oh my godddd and the cutscenes are so beautiful between lawrence and gala they're so SO cute but yeah that confession will stick WITH me for a while

The two newest members of the party oh my GOD I love them so much, the first one is not what I expected but he's a sweetheart and ahhh he's a good boy and I love him, and the second--WOW WHAT A BABE like she's chatting but I am just staring with little heart eyes because she is SO fine 

I'm super excited for act 3!! shit is going DOWN!! (REDACTED) is going to catch these hands!!!! I was getting a weird feeling just by some of the things were said I was getting the ick but I didn't think it was going like THAT. consider me gagged(positive)!! 

burnout and exhaustion is real! take all the time you need, go at your own pace

Super exciting! Awesome about the steam page and Jamie being romancable! 

I'm very excited for the DLC, thank for for working on it! good luck on the progress and take your time! <3

love the snowy level and the ice cave, and I love love love Duke already. Also everytime someone hurts the puppy (named her Prune) I scream. leave her alone!!!! she's my good girl. also lawrence and gala are soooo cute their little blushing faces!!! AH giggling kicking my feet. delightful. I'm still working on Act 2!! EVERYONE STOCK UP ON KISS OF LIFE'S

yes! And also continuing with the other comment, this game includes a voice acted character, when I tested it with the self voice ren'py feature, it would play the recorded voice acting line and then the self-voicing line. When I turned the "Voice" volume slider down, I was having trouble getting the Self-Voicing feature to work properly for that character's line specifically just as a note if you would prefer to not have the voice acting.  If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know! 

Hi! Thanks for your comments! I tested this and all of my games on here, they're all made through Ren'py and all support the self voicing feature with the V key! 


congrats ahhhh and happy new year!!

Okay ahhhhhhh I just hit act 2, I'll comment more once I'm complete but I am having SO much fun!!! it's delightful running around rummaging through people's things hahaha and ohhh it's SO nostalgic and awesome I'm just so excited to play more and I love the start and this is so freaking COOL I'm obsessed!!! his feature of being able to tell people's lies is SO cool and so smart for something like this as a mechanic because of the visual change it's like OH something is off here! also LMAO the "we're just roommates" showing up in redddd hahahahaha anyway it's delightful and expect more comments as I continue! Also people SAVE OFTEN in case ur dumb like me and get your ass kicked. and don't save items just use them!! no hoarding!! (like I usually always do hahaha) 

Incredible design!! Thank you for making this!

happy belated birthday!! I'm very excited and also oh my god there is so much that's gone into this!! I can't believe what you've accomplished and you should be so proud!! 


this was a really great read, thank you for sharing! I'm sorry for all the setbacks, but I'm so SO proud of you for everything that has gone into making this!

this is a really really lovely game, the artwork is stunning all of the CGs are beautifully done, the characters are so compelling and the dynamic between the MC and Salvi is just electric and it was really special to play through! excellent job and thank you for making this!

ahhh oh my goodness!! thank you so much for your lovely comment it made my day it means the world to me!! 

Super cute start! The characters, including the MC are very endearing, and I love their designs! I'm excited for the full game!

ohhhh this is lovely!! teared up at the end haha, it's very sweet and I love the way you used the game mechanics to tell the story, [redacted] is one of my favourite tropes and I love seeing it in visual novels because of the way they are designed!! it is sweet and wonderful and Arcturus is so dreamy! thank you for making this!

Awesome game!! I love all the different transitions, it really added to the story-telling, the artwork is gorgeous. And Karrus is very handsome and dreamy! Fantastic job all around!

The prompt submission on Patreon is a great idea! 

Thank you so much for playing!!

Thank you so much! Grazie!!

Wow! Amazing first chapter, the UI in particular is stunning and really adds to the atmosphere. Amazing world building and backgrounds, and ahh I can't wait to romance these cuties! I will be eagerly following along the release of this <3

Of course, and thank you so much!

Thank you so so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed! I loved doing the backgrounds on this and the tower changes especially!

Really amazing game! Thank you for working on this and making this!

Super cute demo! I'm really excited for the full story, and fantastic job with it so far! The characters are really endearing

Super cute! Love the demo

Good luck! I loved the lost art of innkeeping and I'm very excited for this one!

Thank you so much!! That means the world to me <3

Very sweet!

Get the game here!

You play as a travelling hedge wizard who settles down in an old abandoned tower that once belonged to a powerful wizard. With help from someone in the nearby town, you begin to clean the place up and make it a home—and all the while researching the books and tomes the wizard left behind. Will you find knowledge to make yourself a better wizard, or learn something even more important?

While not everyone is trusting of mages, you can make people’s lives better. Make potions, herbal remedies, and cast helpful spells to help people in town to earn their goodwill.

This is a short-and-sweet fantasy game, 23,000 words. Mirri can be romanced or befriended, and there are two possible endings with variations based on player choices.


  • Nameable protagonist and pronoun choices
  • Mirri is fully voice-acted (360+ lines)
  • 3 CGs and Gallery 
  • Gain and lose 'Goodwill' points based on the choices you make to unlock different endings
  • You get a cat who is also nameable!

Oh I absolutely love! He's a fun character and I liked unlocking the different endings. Really fun game!

Very sweet game!

This game is super cute and I'm excited for the full release. Awesome job! <3

This game is adorable! Really fun to play through, Iggy is very cute

This game is hilarious and awesome, but also had sincere, sweet moments. "Your blood type is Dr Spice" really got me lol. Looking forward if you decide to update to add other love interests!

This is a lovely game, thank you for making it! I really liked the vibes of it, great music choices. I like ending five with taking the risk and I loved Ramil's character! Really fun and I liked him and Lial bouncing off each other in dialogue. I had lots of fun playing!