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Excellent demo! So excited for the full game <3

super adorable game! I loved the demo, the backgrounds are so cute (and bees everywhere!) amazing job, looking forward to following this project <3

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I'm very excited for this! The background sketches look very cute, I'll be watching this space, I really loved War of Roses so I can't wait to run our cute little fragrance shop <3

This game is super cute, and the mini-games are fun and relaxing. Awesome job!

This is a really amazing game! I love the character designs and the characters themselves. It was very sweet and emotional and I had a fun time playing through it. Fantastic job!! <3

This is an absolutely lovely game! You had me tearing up at the end haha. Amazing job, thank you for making this! Happy Halloween!

this game is so cute!! perfect for Halloween, and the characters are lovely. Thank you for making this!

this game is adorable!

this game is so so cute, Taylor is so sweet and it was so relaxing to play. Thank you for making this!

oh heartbreaking! loved it!

I just finished every route and I had so much fun playing! amazing job!

Welcome to Cauwick Bay, a small tourist town on the west coast of BC, where you travel to help run your aunt's Bed and Breakfast for the summer. You'll meet two new friends and might even find summer love in this visual novel. 


Chooseable name and pronouns

2 romance routes (male and female) and a poly route with both

Romance not required!

An unloackable CG Gallery 

Play it here!

this was awesome! I'm totally invested in the plot and the story and I'm super excited to see how everything shapes up! amazing work <3 

aw really cute and also sad, I really liked it!

I had a lot of fun playing through the demo, and I'm excited for the full release! I love the characters and I really like the codex to help keep track of everything, and I'm excited to unravel the mystery. Awesome game!

this game is delightful! Thank you for making it, I had a lot of fun playing it. Sol and Yuto are so sweet, I'm excited to play Rye's route too. The mini games were cute! <3

this game is lovely, had so much fun playing it!

Loved the demo! I love regency era stories, and I'm excited for the full release <3 

I had so much fun playing through! Congrats on the full release!

Amazing game! There is so much variety with each play through I kept encountering something new and I had so much fun playing! Thank you for making this

this was so sweet, the characters are really compelling and I'm excited for the full release!

really loved the game! the ending music is perfect 

this game is SO sweet and funny, the backgrounds are so cozy and I love the characters!

loved the demo!!

hi, thank you for your comment! I just tested it on Windows with the self voicing feature in Ren'Py and it seems to be working, but if there are issues please let me know. This was developed with renpy-7.4.9-sdk 

This game was so much fun to play through! Thank you for making it!

thank you so much for playing!

I really enjoyed this game! The aesthetics and the art is beautiful, and I loved the somber, eerie tone paired with the romance. I liked being able to go through all the different options and the different endings, it was a lot of fun to read :)

Get it here!

An autumn theme visual novel based on RPGs! 

You play as Journey (Name Customizable), a bard with the most important skill in the party—the ability to make decisions.

You and your party are wandering adventurers in search of coin. Luckily, a villager offers you a quest, but it pulls you into something more than you bargained for.



20, 000 words (~ an hour playtime)

Customizable name and pronoun selection

Optional romantic scenes with any of your party members (labelled clearly with Flirt)

Re-playability — certain choices you make will lead to different versions of scenes and options 

An unlockable CG Gallery 

Playing through the Revamp has been so much fun, the new artwork (both the updated sprites and the gorgeous new CGs) is amazing and just adds so much to the enjoyment of the game.

The voice acting is incredible and getting to hear the characters has been really wonderful and honestly like a dream come true. The VA cast did an amazing job and I felt so immersed in the story and the world. I’m falling in love with the characters all over again, and being able to really hear them this time around is so sweet.

You’ve worked so hard while balancing so many other projects, but your hard work does not go unappreciated—thank you so much for creating this game and pouring so much love into it!! 

Lovely game!

lovely game!

this was absolutely incredible, I had so much fun playing. It was so comforting and lovely and so so sweet I had so much fun <3 amazing job!! 

I really enjoyed chapter two! The thought and effort you place into your storytelling is amazing and I can't wait to see how this story unfolds. All of the interactions we had with all of the characters were really fun to explore. And all of the artwork is so beautiful! Each new CG or sprite or background always blows my mind. And the mini game was so much fun! You guys all work so so hard and it's really made something amazing so I just wanted to thank you for all of that hard work and effort, your games never fail to make my day brighter :) 

Really nice start! I love all of the character designs, and the with writing paired with the artwork I felt very immersed and drawn into the world. I enjoyed the detail of Seph's interaction and connection with the various plants she comes across. I'm really excited to see the story progress! 

Really enjoyed the demo and wish you best of luck on this project!

Just finished playing through all of the routes in the mini-story, and it was so cute! I hadn't realized how much I missed these characters and Lunaris so this was really sweet and made me happy haha. Thank you for making this! 

Really fun game!

I really enjoyed this! It was somuch fun to play through, all the routes were sweet and wonderful. Thank you for making this! 

Amazing game! I had so much fun playing through all of the routes and loved the whole story <3