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This is adorable I love it

This is really cute but I feel like the balance is off, with setting 1 I have plenty of time to type but with setting 2 I have to type gibberish to keep it from ending, and I'm not a particularly slow typer

que extraño... mi español no es tan bueno pero creo que entiendo la mas, fue muy interesante, voy a esperar la version final :o

looking forward to whatever you make next c:

absolutely brilliant. your writing style is so evocative - ascetic yet somehow florid at the same time. im definitely going to be stealing some stylistic flourishes from you in the future.

on a more personal level this is (to me) a wonderful exploration of the line between human and animal and how blurry it truly is, of the desire to simply exist, untethered by social structures and self-censoring. it's also undeniably erotic in a way that i very rarely see explored with any kind of thought or nuance. this novella made me more comfortable with the animal that i am. i'm better for having read it.