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absolutely brilliant. your writing style is so evocative - ascetic yet somehow florid at the same time. im definitely going to be stealing some stylistic flourishes from you in the future.

on a more personal level this is (to me) a wonderful exploration of the line between human and animal and how blurry it truly is, of the desire to simply exist, untethered by social structures and self-censoring. it's also undeniably erotic in a way that i very rarely see explored with any kind of thought or nuance. this novella made me more comfortable with the animal that i am. i'm better for having read it.


that's one of my favorite ways I've heard someone describe my writing <3 this delicate balance…moss and mold amid the brutalism

yes, ero is infinitely deep and powerful to me, even more so because intimacy and romance is seen as inferior to write about…but for me the best stories happen in the debased places. thank you for this really lovely and encouraging review

looking forward to whatever you make next c:

this week I released my first novel with perhaps some overlap of themes although I should warn much much darker and crueler than low kill shelter, not for everyone. in 2023 I'll release more novellas. thank you! 🙇‍♀️