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That sounds amazing! Really glad you're having a good time with the game.

Anna, it would be an honour for you to make a hack of one of my games! Of course you have my blessing.

Hi, no plans for another print run in the near future, sorry.

I really want to make a revised version first and add more content (as well as update several older projects), but I simply haven't had any time to work on games at all. PDF will remain the only option for the foreseeable future.

Hi, yeah, the NPCs and PCs don't really follow the same rules and the game is discouraging combat for its own sake, so it's always supposed to be dangerous. The PCs do have Luck on their side though, which should generally get them out of a bad spot when necessary. I think having untrained/wounded or otherwise disadvantaged NPCs roll two dice and pick lowest is a valid call though. A lot of the combat rules are optional toggles anyway.

I'd love to update the pdf, but I've just been really strapped for time recently. I'll get to it when I can.

the intent is that there's no minimum damage, but all weapons can theoretically deal enough dmg to bypass armour if you roll enough sixes on your mighty blow.

I know that's pretty brutal, but I wanted an armour system that was "realistic" and "unfair" in the sense that if you only have a dagger and you're facing someone in full plate, you should probably reconsider the situation rather than trying to stab them.

Hi! I haven't done another print run because I've been tinkering with a second edition behind the scenes. I can't say when that will materialize (the ballpark is sometime next year), but until I have a clearer idea of where I want to take the game I have no intention printing any more copies of the first edition.

Hi! There's no explicit licence but you can essentially consider it CC-BY. I'm ok with people hacking it, remixing it, writing materials for it as long as some credit/attribution is given to the previous work.

There should be a form in itch when you make the order. If you can't find or access it, please send me an email to gregor.vuga1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hi, yeah, itch does all that stuff automatically on their end and I have no control over it, I just put the zines into envelopes and ship them off. So I would hope they are doing it right. :)

They are really quite interchangeable as far as their result goes, and it's mostly a flavour thing regarding the action and description. In my head, Awareness can be used for a more general awareness of your surroundings and situation, while Notice is about spotting odd details that stand out.

Or if you want a more technical definition, Awareness is a "save" roll that the GM can call for when the PCs are heading for a disaster ("So you just wander into the tomb? Ok, anyone got Awareness?") and Notice is a "move" roll that the players can call for when they want more information ("Do I notice anything strange about him as he says that? Is he lying?"). If that distinction doesn't make sense, you can conflate the two without any complications.

Hi, yes, I got your order! I will be shipping out a new batch later this week.

It's the best way for now, I just need to jump through some extra hoops to get your address, so it's more work for me.

My bad, see above.

My bad, see above.

My bad, see above.

Yeah, it was my first time setting up a physical product on itch and I messed up. I'll message you all about the address.

Thank you, that is extremely kind. <3

Sure, I'll add it later.

Hey, yeah it's fine on this side. I can reupload it as an alternative .zip file later, maybe there's some issue with the .rar.

Great, let me know how it goes! Thank you for the support.

Thanks! Glad you liked it.