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The game is programmed on Unity Using the “Vertical” and “Horizontal” axis, to have the WASD Keys to work the same as the arrow keys. try using those, Thanks!

Honestly Really Cool Love the Graphics cause I’m a sucker for low poly and was a pretty relaxing game. The only thing I’d say to add would be a way to catch the snowman cause there’s no sense of winning ya know.

So, I like the concept of this game, and the fact that there is a cyberpunk stage is cool. I would however recommend that you add arrows to show where you’re supposed to go next, and a bit more distinction of where collision on buildings are. Decent Game

Bit Basic, But Cool

Thanks! I was planning on adding them but I ran into some issues with time constraints, but I’m planning on updating this game eventually. I’ll take particles into account.

I think this is a good game though the lack of music makes me feel like this a thriller rather than an adventure. the transporter section at the end was a little weird though.

Still overall a decent game!

I really like this game It has a 3D into 2D aspect, and It really makes the game stick out! This was a short but sweet game and a creative use of the slide idea.