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can i play it on 

processor : intel celeron 1019Y

ram : 6 gb

system : windows 8.1 64 bit

gpu : intel hd

can you added a way to change control at the option , because my right arrow key isn't working anymore, please

Raft community · Created a new topic please

the download for win64 is having a problem, i can't download file from there

recomendation for developer

make a visual setting ( so low end computer can play the game)

what is the minimum requirment?

beta 6 please !!!!

and ohh how about whale ?

how about : 1. more fish variety with different effect ( poison, make more hungry/thirsty , the fish have different percentage for the hunger)

2. more crafting recipe/ingredient

3. add some more room to the storage

4. add different weapon for killing the shark

5. add more enemy ( more than 1 shark, another killer animal like eagle, seagull, and orca )

6. how about some way to going in to the water

7. maybe a little island ?

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great game even for low-end computer like me, this is going to be my favorite game.

suggestion :

1. add chest
2. need multiple shark at the same time
3. fix the sound
4. add some gun ( maybe )
5. how about adding some tutorial / pop-up tips
6 need more stuff to craft
7 how about add some way to explore under water ?
8 make the game more difficult
9 last but not least , what about auto save feature?