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amazing <3

thank you for playing I hope you enjoyed it  <3

I fixed the jump I hope it wasnt to annoying

guys I fixed the jump and added some stuff 

i used an overlap circle it turned out it was a bit to small so you could not jump of edges

it does not have a graphic card :(

the game runs poorly on my laptop idw why its less than 10 fps ??

it was fun I acully loved it but the audio was a bit weird it could have been better but good jop overall 

thank you for playing I actully noticed this bug but did not know why it was happening <3

dont worry i did not complet it lol :}

its a pretty fun game over all  i really liked it but if have save as well as in the last level the i feel like there is to much phones at the same time so you cant  get the food orders and pretty cool game over all good jop very unique idea