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Thanks a lots for the video !
It's just a little game from Game Jam but glad it has scared you.

You rigth, we need a texture for the ground or the museum is maybe to big haha

Basic game but nice use of the phone tactile. for controls.

For a first a Jam, is very great !
I rely like the mini map and how you use the nose for background (only in black white nice o_o)
Have you use the one button theme ?

The game respect the jam theme (1 bit and 1 button) and assets are very nice !
Too bad we require a version of Java and download 200mo, it makes it less accessible.

Thanks for playing ! The keyboard is fixed (WASD not ZQSD).

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Unfortunately there is only one level with lack of time.
We start for a 3D game but it was to complicated with this gameplay (that's why the menu stayed in 3D)
Thanks for test our game :)