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Green Chili

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You probably have already but check out Happy World. It is exactly what you're saying and more!

!!!SPOILERS!!! for both

So does Happy World take place after Happy Zone or maybe in an alternate universe in which you never helped the people from Happy Zone?Since Purple says he/she is suicidal in Happy Zone and Purple is dead in Happy World, does Purple never find his frogs corpse and proceeds to commit suicide? Same for the Skinless Woman: You find her skin in Happy Zone but she is still "skinless" in Happy World. And finally the blue guy is still blue in Happy World and there is no pink guy so is this the same blue guy?

Also is there any point to doodle zone?

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!!!SPOILERS!!!(should be obvious by now XD)

Thanks! I saved Skinless Woman and Purple and then the DDLC music came on and it all became clear XD Is the Skinless Woman Monica? And is Purple Sayori? And Red could be Yuri, because death by stabbage or Natsuki because of anger( although Natsuki isn't that psycho kind of angry, she ist waifu) and so Blue would be Natsuki then. Was this intentional or am I just wrong? Either way it's great!!! But does saving certain ghosts change the blue machines response?

How Though??? I've talked to every singe character and done every possible thing. I did everything I can and got the artifact from each plane. !!!SPOILERS!!!

The only things left are the locked orb behind the house in world 3, the bird house on top of that house and the reset man(does he actually restart the game or is it a DDLC kinda restart?)

The guy pn the right in shop zone will tell you how to read the book. !!!SPOILERS!!!

 It's in HAPPY WORLD_data and it's called motsw.txt

Great game! I love the whole DDLC/Petscop vibe and the secrets in the files. I think I found everything on my first playthrough but wanted to know !!!SPOILERS!!!

 wether it is possible to find the "plasma hole" and fix the reincarnation filters or find the skinless womans mind in excland?