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Yeah, I'm reporting a script error again. In "script_build02.rpy" on line 7053: "if Promise_Valley:". It should be "if Promise_Valley == "True"", cause in the first case it will just check if the string Promise_Valley is not empty.

Oh, and also on line 1673: "if quickLabel <= "chapter14_daily_3"". It probably meant "if throwaway1 <= 3:".

In "staff_routes/route_Kota.rpy" there is a small error on line 357: "if player_background == "arts" or "humanities":". It should be "if player_background in ["arts", "humanities"]:",  cause in the first case it will just check if the string "humanities" is not empty.

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Just understanded that my question is kinda stupid, when I saw the collection with mods and fan games.

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You are right in time actually. I just updated mod and moved everything to it's own page on Saw the latest post by Minoh. Don't really know where am I supposed to write about it, so you will know about mod. Should I just reply to the Minoh's post, when I will update it?

Oh, cool.

Yeah, I know.  Just thought it was kinda funny.

I am confused.

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Thanks for feedback! I was actually kinda nervous about this mod.

I think it's a good idea to add an option to toggle it off and on, I probably will do it in the future updates.

I actually already used WinDiff, I made sure I didn't delete some lines.

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Description and files are now here.

To developers: I'm not sure how you feel about such mods, if you don't like them, then I won't develop the mod further.