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I won't say anything to you about make it skipable,make it optional or something,

I would just ask one question why?

You implement that in your story,it's important plot,will happen even if it's skipped what is the point of playing a avn of harem,where there is clear NTR? It isn't bad and many cucks will love it,but why do you have to destroy your whole avn? Just create a NTR avn for cuck audience or you are yourself a cuck?

People could be involved with others in past , you can't change it,you can't reverse that and be yourself before,but what you could do is never bring that thing up,leave your past relationships or fling in past but you have to make that important part of story.

You destroyed a great avn with just a single scene great achievement buddy,keep it up

Only thing that can go wrong in avn is false tag or adding different opposite kinks,like you make avn with romance and put ntr/sharing even optional would do more harm than good,why it is needed though? Is there optional romance added into NTR avn? No right make your avn based on same thing and don't change that, nothing will go wrong then.

Is this the way you talk? Shows how of much of a character you are,he asked a question answer yourself,i have not played this,but seeing your reaction and the way you talk to your users,seems like only a shit can be made by you.

Fuck you cuck deb,keep your NTR shit with you looser

The only thing wrong with your avn is missing of a option to watch or not,you could say fucking is going on in background like other people still exist in background,but give us an option to choose to whether watch that or not,simple enough it will hurt less and still makes sense,no need to show others fucking if it ain't a voyeur, NTR focused avn

Well if you played Oial then you should know that eternum is futuristic and we get hint of this in even Oial so it makes it wil be in future.

well buddy yeah it feels sad,but meaningful if you dint pursue your love then there won't be any future with your love,you will grow apart for sure irl,it just makes sense and good,not completely wholesome but nonetheless wholesome,and sex is just a part of life, hehehe some think it's whole life that it isn't but a part of life.

Well to be fair to you buddy this avn just has harem and sex scenes to justify the wird adult in front of visual novel,heck it would still be best without it,his past work Oial too was same greatest story and plot,and sex scene was just there not actual part of story,and about romance it isn't in erotic scenes but generally since erotic scenes you could just think they never happened actually and it wont change story for a sec.this dev work is about great story,with beautiful renders,amazing plot,with sense of humour, with details include of every character,it has its good no. of romance and romanceble characters, but still it doesn't leave npc behind 99.99% character in his avn will have their story arc end at the ending.

no issues buddy,it just i mean it isn't even sandbox it just says but doesnt feel like one when we play,so just thought there isn't a reason for it to exist,you could easily make it a normal avn without changing much of story arc or plot,but it's all good in the end.

exactly slim but can happen,hey plz kill mc dad it's a request from heart,if anyone has to die make that bastard do something good for once in his miserable pathetic life and sacrifice himself ,it will not remedy of his monster action but just kill him,you know everyone will love that.

well just a suggestion buddy, but why this is sandbox avn? I mean its plot is linear with straight stories and intertwined stories of its characters no stats or equipment,it's like casual avn with unnecessary sandbox,just why though? I mean it isn't bad your story and avn is one of its kind and great but sandbox has bad impression and many people don't play your amazing game just because sandbox tag,i know how kuch hard work to completely change your avn and remove sandbox but as I can see clearly it doesn't even need sandbox it could be direct flow avn,sandbox isn't bad but it isn't good for sale.

Spoiler : 

For dev

Wait wait wait now i remembered something important i was loving this avn love your past work and knows it will be good too,it was good until i remembered the starting didn't give much thought but wait don't you dare tell me you are planning to killl mc or something,ay the end of every version ending you leave at cliffhanger that leaves to wanting more and nice tragedy in NXT part but don't you dare think of killing mc,i know it will not happen but i m a bit concerned now,hope you don't,know you won't, but can't trust on my heart fully.

Are u talking about incest guidelines? They could fuck themselves buddy,telling they are your landlord and landlady and tenant shit is more annoying than some idiots who feels bad about incest,it's not like you are having real life affair with your real mom or sister,why dies it matter to you? You are just playing a game chill buddy,and saying they are landlady rather than mother won't change anything,like optional and avoidable NTR isn't much better than the NTR avns shit.since main plot gets destroyed by cucks fantasy forced on dev.

Just go and play your regular cuck fantasy avns buddy,If you can't appreciate a great avn,here less shit than one you think as top avn,stories are linear doesn't mean they are bad,it's just you don't have to keep with others shit and make stupid choices which doesn't makes sense,go and play avns where you have to select one less fucked bitch out of whores,don't play a harem avn they are not for you.

Hey buddy i can understand everyone has kinks,for some it's wierd but i ain't say you are wrong but i doubt it would do more good than bad in long run,it can hardly be optional since it's a linear plot game which is half sandbox and click avn,where choices just matter for sexual content but this would impact story and plot a bit,not saying it can't be pulled off but it would be hard even as optional,maybe a dream or nightmare of ezra

I think it would be best if either you do that after marriage (if you are planning for that) or either at the ending of avn,no matter when implies that,but make sure to show us some cute kids with cleo

I get the way you are heading buddy,as far as I played other avn too i know one thing you can't keep every girl u fucked or knows in game,that's good thing since way too much isn't best but yeah keep best looking one,and i don't think ever playing that you will force us to choose between one or two,i could see the long term planning in your avn loved it that way, choices makes people feel like we won't see them again,but i can see your avn progressing linearly so it's an already pre harem game with even less choice to whom to add or not,so in last it's diesnt even matter, whatever you planned buddy keep going on with your incredible work,but just don't take 2,3 decades to finish it,else good 😊😊

Woah really you just made my day buddy, actually my life i was thinking the way this avn progressing and you planning for another avn staring soon, thought after 2,3 update you will pull off the ending, not quite yet ready for it but was happy to know a great story coming to a good end, bit now much more happy to know that this story will be even better, best of luck buddy, know you are one of best.

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Hahaha buddy don't hate me for saying this,you have my full support for creating this nice avn it's one of my best avn i have played till now,it just feels realistic,it's not bad that character renders look ugly or just equal beautiful as you could get in real life,it's just we are spoiled by some avns that these characters may look ugly to some but i don't judge it feel a bit awkard, but in long run it's good and feels good that someone shows realism rather than fake big boobs bimbo characters.

Are u kidding me? This mc is like close to Greek god or mythological hero and some says he is wimp,he isn't even close to a bit looser and u say wimp?this guy has more balls than greatest alpha male or a king whatsoever,this guy is forced under some contract to work as gang member but still doing nothing enjoying life so far,seducing their daughter and even fucking with the wife of his boss son,could you believe this? He is been trying to infiltrate and find a way out of this rather than accepting his fate,it was shown later that he hides his true potential and acts as looser to gain advantage,he is literal example of brain over show off,he is in fact manipulating everyone around him,and this all make sense when every gangster in this avn seems like some sort of superhuman,like faster than bullet,bullet proof body,mind sharper than ai, precision as a laser,and power that concede over even powerful govt,as far i know many great Chad's,alphas will piss in their pant in this mc position

Nope it isn't suitable,as far as I know it will not run in current vversion.

i don't get it why you all are too touchy? I put my perspective that this game has a sissy mc,is there something wrong to point flaws? What's this comment section for then?i just put my reason why this avn isn't good is because story is strong and needs a strong manly man to pull that off,not a sissy man child bitch mc,

A guy who likes to be dominated is may not be just looser,it could be kink,bit in avn personality remain constant he is bitch in every where,do you have a female friend? Who calls u her slut,whore everytime? And u let her like a looser? There is this backbone less mc and i don't get the reason behind it,since this story isn't if sissyfication but that's only story suits this looser character.

And about spelling mistake part go fuck yourself,i can't tell others flaws even in review section instead of asking them to change it,but you could tell others to correct mistake of some shitty auto correct,i ain't solving it even if I could.

see that's what you told now fit the description of a chad and alpha male who can have harem,many avn with it shows this way,hero helps them fall in love and not able to choose,but here I don't see any kind of love far from it i don't know how it will be pull off by dev but i ain't expecting a harem here that's for sure,since he is just a dildo not something that girl loves,adore, respect, desire,just use.

I said to you, i m over it, i ain't criticizing it or saying anything like it would change, if a story can't be better than it's better to leave it unfinished or change way,i m over with this avn and ended with my personal ending and fav one,it ends their fir me,you all are free to continue with this avn wherever it ends whether you like it or not for me it doesn't matter anymore it was a good avn which was short and ended in part 1.

nope not yet,and not going to,i already have trauma,which was my fault to indulge myself into avn,  may it become better or best avn in future i ain't playing it ever again.whatever you end up with story in future of this avn for me it ended mc returning to his family and they lived happily as in part 1 itself,for me it's end their and i m happy with it.

Yeah i understand,everyone grows it's part of life,but hope that grow for something better in future especially mc since till now he has become worse than a gangster,to a rapist,to a pedophile,to a complete sick pycho who makes me puke to play as, hope he grows even 1% better

yup you are right there are worse story that is written poorly it isn't even written badly just felt upset where gane took a complete 180 turn mc,a loving man who fought gangs alone for bringing justice to the murderer of her love,really handsome though, leaving family for their better life,to a douchebag looking old man,who is just whinning about his life,corrupting a Lil massesuer girl,perving over a bartender,who is his best friend neice,and lusting over a loli girl,and doesn't giving a damn how his wife lived these past years not caring for her,just bitching about his own problems.yeah it has its flaws but biggest one was story started as something and character with time become bad,and mc worst possible,not bad avn not dev fault but definitely not my type of story.

yeah sorry for commenting i was frustrated to blubber shit on you,which isn't your problem

And as for NTR,it just on perspective i m prude, possesive so it's different for me,you won't get it,bit yeah even if it had NTR it wouldn't be much different,since mc isn't type who seems like love it care for anyone,a complete asshole, Olivia was raped by him not loved so i felt bad for her not for mc, except for lily i don't care who fucks whom in this avn.

i m sorry,i know everything has flaws,but you know what no need to repair them if they are part of your version of story no need to change anything you want to write fir me,or for anyone that diesnt matters,

Yeah but check for errors, spelling mistake renders missing for once in a while:)

You know what dev, i appologize not for writing crap not for saying bad, bit appologize to you for all of this as in sense, it doesn't matter to you, i am the way i m, i don't take shit has soft heart but built around rough Just play avn not for sex not story but to see some virtual unrealistic romance, love that doesn't exist in irl, that i never got or expect in future, but happy for others, i spread hate here just for one reason because i love it, i loved this avn story first part felt like a complete wholesome, a guy steal cars, live and have fun with his buddy, fell in love with a girl, even with their differences they come together and mc supported her when they were having their child, left everything behind fir her, after their daughter their life was complete and fulfilling, then shit hit for some gang conflict and money laundering, innocent lily died, i cried fir real many did, then you made another good thing that you made mc take revenge on those bastard not enough but something i never got in any other avn, did everything he could, and as last resort to save his remaining family his wife Olivia and daughter he left town for good, just to keep them save i felt like a complete story of a true hero a really great avn, i didn't wanted anything else except for just two more renders in that part 1,mc coming back hugging Olivia, and his daughter and then story end, it could be greatest best avn, short but best,

I said bad thing for part 2,i m sure you agree it wasn't good,but i compared it to part 1 felt distorted,felt betrayed,felt why i had to play this,i could have just forgotten it,and remained in my memory that it ended in part with mc returning to his family,i know a fantasy bit it turned too bad,i  hated you for this,for making me felt depressed alomst,i blubber shit on you,i regret it,since you might have felt bad for it,but i realise it wasn't on you,it was your story,you could write the way you wants it,

It was me who fell in love with a virtual character,it's story its plot,it was me who should be blamed for just living in Fantasy since real life isnt like that but far way my broken heart wasn't your concern but i shifted on you for my mistake

I sincerely apologise ti you,i will never say anything to anyone,i love seeing perspective and don't judge but i did to you,it's your story buddy write the way you want not the way people like,cheer up i m not going to comment any shit anymore,anywhere,i m sorry again.

nah i don't,and don't give a damn a story written by dev can be whatever the way he wants,just put write tags,like NTR (even if said not but make suspense like) loli,forced,humiliation,cuck(made to believe) a kinetic novel,choice arent there.but you know what i ain't commenting anymore i hate being like this bit i m straight forward type don't give 2 damn for crap pieces shits i move on.

it was written before in description a man return to city to his family after ten years blah blah blah,well why dies it matters to you? Since all character age differently in this game right? Just for 2 yrs difference one sister is like 25 grown up and other is 16 loli?mc and his friend of same age now looks like has age gap of 15 years,and not to mention mc looks too bad,was supposed to look douchebag to make you feel mc is shit?

Is that only thing wrong with this avn? Tell by your heart you know this shit has thousand more flaws.

Exactly my thought just put a good damn tag of NTR if you are making a crap story of that,be honest looser cuck dev.

Another cuck bullshit,it's pandora box 2,mc wife forced him into swinging and then stopped him from fucking anything basically just cuckin, whereas herself whoring with every guy possible,one the man she was fucking,blamed mc for some fraud and mc was sentenced to jail,and that whore bitch of his wife blames him in part 1 and continue to be a 2 bucks cheat street whore and had two daughters,which are also sluts like her.and in pandora 2 mc returns,just a gane fir cucks like this one.

as i already apologized to u dev and i know since i already mentioned they were ready to fuck him for not love but to keep him,i knew that they were using him for something but that another quest and the requests of nuns proved to me they are whores,it was your story so u should have known,after returning the priest to Church,when mc go there they complain about that priest is unable to get his pp up and not able to fuck them even when they did seductive dance or something,if they just wanted him back yeah that's okay,but they wants to be fucked,and yeah it's nothing too bad,but rejecting mc little bit flirting too like he is ugliest thing in any avn,meh pissed me especially since they are just whore,but for whatever fuck reason they do,mc not get any girl,but at least let him have decency or respect,it's like you go to a brothel and call girl quit their job just by seeing you.

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oh gosh how many times i have to say this im playing your gane fir story which is so good,but adult part isn't,and i feel bad for mc and i m not complaining about avn it's a great game good story you just need to improve the adult part,but that doesn't even matter to me,if there would no scene then also i will play it,it just only scenes which are available feels like they were not needed or not executed properly at all,just jump from one to another.

yes it's my problem so do i have right to say it or not? I ain't forcing you to change your story or it is bad,i specifically told you i dint care for if mc is shown loosers in department of getting girls,but story is great for what i m playing this avn,and honestly i don't even want mc to be with any girl since they are just awful,i like story and how nice and kind mc is,i just feel bad for him.thats all

I thought beggers can't be choosers 😂 😂 what option dies she have getting fucked by masked weirdo soldiers,or raped by tentecal monsters,on second thought she would love that more oh gosh what kind of world you have dev, girls are just

as i already appologized to u dev and i know since i already mentioned they were ready to fuck him for not love but to keep him,i knew that they were using him for something but that another quest and the requests of nuns proved to me they are whores,it was your story so u should have known,after returning the priest to Church,when mc go there they complain about that priest is unable to get his pp up and not able to fuck them even when they did seductive dance or something,if they just wanted him back yeah that's okay,but they wants to be fucked,and yeah it's nothing too bad,but rejecting mc little bit flirting too like he is ugliest thing in any avn,meh pissed me especially since they are just whore,but for whatever fuck reason they do,mc not get any girl,but at least let him have decency or respect,it's like you go to a brothel and call girl quit their job just by seeing you.