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Thank you! Very much appreciated.

Thank you! That means a lot to me, and I hope you find the pack useful. I've submitted to Unity and Unreal, but they need approval before they can be posted. Let me know if you'd rather have the pack in Unity or Unreal and I'll send them to you.

Yes! It's almost finished. I've just got a few more tracks left to go. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks! Appreciated.

10 tracks of dark, orchestral fantasy music for RPGs or action/adventure games.  A follow-up to my previous release "Desolate Kingdom".

I've just finished an orchestral music pack suitable for games with fantasy settings. It includes 10 tracks that are loopable, but I've also included tracks that have definitive endings. This pack is rather detailed so it took me a while, but I am rather proud of it. Hopefully someone may get some use from it.