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grave snail games

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Hehehe, I'm so glad you think so! My condolences to your players (in a good way). 💜

Hi! My intention was that any modifications that come from weekly Trouble rolls will last either until the end of the week / the next roll, or until they are specifically dealt with. That said, the idea of Doomcarolers who overstay their welcome and just will not leave is pretty funny, so we'll say Keeper's choice! 😅

Oh wow, thanks, Asparagus! I'll take a Bradbury vibe, haha. So glad you like it! 🔥✨

Goodness, thanks so much! 🔥🌌 I'm really glad!

Ahhhh-- thank you, dino! That makes me so happy! 🔥💖✨

Ahhhh, thanks so much--both for the comment and for organizing this event in the first place!!! I hope y'all find some time to (safely) burn some paper / galaxies. 🌌🔥 Cheers! 💖

!!!! Holy heck, thank you so much ! 😭 For what it's worth, I am usually terrible with concision, so honestly was grateful for the very limited timeline! Y'all's work is amazing, so this means really means a lot!! 💖

The sun exploded and then I got to see you. -- what a devastating predictive text finisher, I love it so much! Ahhhh, Beth this is such a generous review; thank you!!!! 💖✨

Hooray-- thanks so much!!! I'm so glad! 💖🌟✨

Super cute style on this-- the characters are adorable and memorable. Awesome work!!

Thanks so much!! 💖🌟✨ I'm so glad to hear it. :)

This is so impressive (and a lot of fun!) for a jam gam! Loved, loved the quotes between lives. Amazing work! 💖

Super cute game and excellent use of Bitsy! So much drama among these little critters. 😭 

Eeeep, thank you so much!! 🔥🔥🔥

Hmm, that's very strange! I just took a look at the files on my end, and things seem to be working. Can I ask what PDF viewer you're using? You're also welcome to email me, and I'm happy to send you a flattened version of the PDF! ✨

Hi there! Thanks for flagging this for me! Looks like there was a problem with the hosting service I was using for this. It should be back up now! ✨Cheers! -PB

THE CLAMS! Players had a blast-- we had a fun group discussion about whether a skeleton can get salt lung. Decided to pickle his eyes to the same effect. The merman in our group was very pleased. 10 🦑 out of 10 🦑.

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My players have had such a joyous time travelling with Maust. Thank you for this lovely friend. :) They even stole a wheel of Schleswig boar cheese just for him!

Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you liked it. :)

Wow, thanks so much!! :) It's the only thing in this supplement scarier than the two-headed, undead snails!