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J check latest update and give us feedback. Thank u.

Something i would really like to see(in terms of extra content) are extra execution death sequences (the ones that open on a separate window) which are really cool. By the way , are these random? Something else i would also like are extra(more intense and according to each character) idle and movement/fighting-animations. In order to give more uniqueness to each character. I know these might seem like details, but the overall quality of the game is quite high and i believe that small details will make the difference. Well done again.

Top hardcore -comic style- gory action, well done. Will support your Kickstarter campaign.

Cops Power Up(requested by BJ) almost ready...

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Next update Monday 12/MAR/2018.

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Pete dont Laugh !!! This is a dead serious Game... :P :P :P

Stay tuned weekly updates. We are working on new crazy characters - power ups - combos - fireworks - flying sheep - flying pigs - flying saucers - flying stuff in general...

Baa - Politics & Sheep - Meet Dick

Politics everywhere... Baaaaaaaaa...

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Check our latest BOB trailer!!!

Thank u guys!!! Give us Feedback. What u would like to be implemented. We will update weekly.

Check out one more upcoming,  new female Character...

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Thank you for the feedback json. We are currently in "develpment mode'' and we will keep updating the game with extra characters, animations, music, quotes, new gameplay features and a lot more. Stay tuned.

Thank you Nel

To be a Politician is HARD. Like a shepherd, alone at the top of the hill, he is struggling to guide the flock.  In this righteous path of world domination, there is no room for honesty.

BAA is a funny, fast-paced, one-tap, political themed game. 

The objective is to tap on as many "correct" promises as possible, within a rapid timeframe, in order to KEEP THE SHEEP HAPPY.

Logan , we are working on some new characters. Maybe you like this one