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Grazie mille!!!

Muchas gracias por jugar y subir el Gameplay a YT!!! 😘😘😘

there should be a water sound everytime you fush the toilet, if it's sounds dry, you still need to find the way (valve:) to bring water to the wc :)

Is there water when you flush the toilet?


Thanks 🤟🏿

Thanks for the beautiful words! 

Yeah, the idea is to release the full game sooner or later, we hope to have more clear news in the coming weeks.

Not really!


Thanks so much for playing and for posting on YouTube;)


Thanks for playing it!

Is only for pc at this moment

Wow, sweet gameplay! Thanks so much for playing and posting on YouTube:))

Hi nly4ldo, is awesome hearing that you liked it!

We are now actively looking for a publisher so we can make the full game. So not out yet, but on the way!


thanks so much!

We keep on working :)

Come on KIDDO, you can make it :)

Hi Taeyongs, the Kiddo project is currently in stand by, we are still looking for funding to keep up with the development of the game. We will keep you posted, thanks for asking :)

Hi holyGuac! Thanks so much for playing KIDDO! :)

Thanks for reporting the bug. If you've seen the cutscene (falling into the wc) that is the end of the demo, there should be written the words "to be continue" we will check it out.

Thanks again for playing and have a nice day.


Hi Esoteryk! Thanks so much for playing KIDDO and doing such a cool review :) Currently we keep on developing the game, is possible that in few weeks we will have interesting news about the future. We will keep you posted!. Thanks again and PEACE 

That is awesome to hear!

Hi everyone! Can you tell us how long did it take you to beat the demo? There is no right answer, we are just curious about it. Thanks!

Hi, thanks so much for playing KIDDO 🥰🥰🥰

Thanks a lot!

Awesome! We will count on you for the testing very soon.

Hi MarwinElfshot thanks so much for playing KIDDO! Is so cool to hear you speaking in Russian :

Stay connected, last of May beginning of June we will launch the full game!


gracias :)

thanks so much for playing our game!

Hi thanks so much for playing with Kiddo. We are working hard to have full game version for June or so. We will keep you posted if we need some play testers

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After 3 years of hard work is here!

KIDDO is a hand drawn point & click adventure that looks into the uneasy life of Kiddo and his quest for fixing the only thing he still cares about. 

This will lead to a series of unexpected situations where the domestic mixes with the surreal.

This is a demo version, the full game will be released mid May.

Check our unofficial trailer!