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your welcome. enjoy the assets

lol... it a bodybuilder game

Hi every one  :)
I hope you enjoy these trees that I make in pixle art 48x48.

its contain :
- 9 item trees
-1 item grass

nice game. thanks for sharing

cool, its nice game , thanks for sharing

Guys. I must say thank you so much for your support. it has a lot of meaning for me. I wish I could make more than this to make our game more beautiful. 

in my opinion, put some screenshot from game play and gif.

good luck :)

that is fun to play, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for report, its fixed


thank you

nice to hear that, but brother I`m busy with game development

Hi LYASeek
I love your Pixel Art animals and I used for my simple game.
come over to say thank you and share with you the link of the game. have look and let me know if you have any feedback.
also if you like to participate to make game with your pixel art please let me know.
thanks again for your artwork.

that is good game , thanks for sharing
tree branch extension was good idea

Nice game, but there is a few things might help you, which is -no pause or quit button. sound is great . bg music is great . aiming is not that much . thanks for sharing

Really nice game and suit for mobile, thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing , game is nice just some point might help .at the beginning a bit confusing because no tutorial or help , maybe first level you could help gamer to understand, art is nice , no button for drop the music or even reduce it.
for me Art and simple mechanic and rules keep me in your game.
thanks again :)

thanks for sharing, I like it .concept is nice but mechanic is not working smoothly, art is cute and refreshing  but for the frog and fly not not that much.

really awesome game, thanks for sharing

very nice and simple game, thanks for sharing

that is very nice and cool game, thanks for sharing

Nice game, I like it, no rushing to catch fish. if you could add something to avoid of repetition the and add more fun

nice concept game, there are a lot of enemies compared to potential of the weapon

thats cool, the good thing about this game is no need for rushing, its shooter and a little bit puzzle

Thanks for sharing this game , its very nice, simple, eyes catching pixel art, smooth and game play plus simple rules of , I mean not complex game.
very nice thank you

Thank you

Great, enjoy the art.


If you can help by your support, I'll be happy to do more for you guys :-) 

yes, it is posibble, go ahead and have fun. no credit.
share with me your game.

really nice game, I love it, 
I love its graphic, easy to play , and nice VFX,
love to see more complete with more level and monsters.

thank you, enjoy my friend

nice game , simple and fun, It will be more nice if it has less text, good job