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Thanks for the feedback! I'm sorry the story is pretty incomplete. Both buying stuff in the store and collecting all the space acorns is just for completionist players. I released this game over 5 years ago, so I wont be doing something as big as redoing the story in future updates. This was the first game I released when I was still in high-school, so I'm trying to move on. Again, thinks for all the feedback! I'll at least use it on any future games like this.

Did you buy all the stuff in the store? I'll change the stats menu to show this on the next update. The poop does nothing. I just put it there, because I'm an idiot.

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I originally made this way back in 2014, but if I remember correctly this is how they worked.

1) Use the fan and the levitation pad to get a teleporter in the tunnel.

2) Use crates and the levitation pad to block the flames.

3) Blow up the rocks below the round machine, and you'll see how to activate it.

Thanks for playing by the way!

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Hi, I'd like feedback for the game itself and/or it's page on Feedback for the game's homepage would also be great.

Note: The video trailer is for version 1.0, and I changed the game's name in 1.1. I haven't gotten around to updating the trailer yet. Page:


I haven't downloaded the game, but here's my feedback on the page.

  • The game looks like a small 2d game, but the download is a 385MB zip file.
  • The download doesn't specify what operating system it's for.
  • Description has a big section stating the game hangs and has a bug.
  • The first screenshot looks like a generic RPG Maker game menu.
  • The pages theme hasn't been customized and the meta-data is empty.

The food trivia, monster fighting, and treasure collecting sound good, but you should fill out the page more.

It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of different stuff to do. Playing it with a controller was very good. I hope you will be able to finish it, because the ending said it's not finished yet. The platforming controls where really well done. Here are some suggestions: add option to disable inverted camera controls with controllers, add an optional auto camera, perhaps add more graphics options for slow computers, save collected coins and fastest race time, and try to lower the size of the game (currently 194MB.)

This game is pretty sweet. It has lots of levels and the hand drawn graphics are really nice. It says it supports gamepads, but I haven't tried that yet. You can control the menus with out a mouse. It's got a lot of funny stuff in it. The levels I've played so far are done well. The Android version doesn't use any system permissions. Unlockable costumes, windowed/full-screen modes, remappable keys, etc... it's almost all good! The only feedback I can think of is that I don't like that it's 420MB on Windows. Also it would be nice if I could export/import saves on Android. The menu navigation could be improved a little as well. It's fun, creative, and well built.

It has nice graphics, and the levels are nice. Here is some feedback I thought of.

  1. this game looks like it should be less than 40 Mb not 164 Mb
  2. use radio buttons instead of check-boxes on start up menu
  3. let player replay levels without making a new save file
  4. the "Quit" menu item is hard to see on dark screens
  5. replace generic loading screen
  6. it would be nice to see the players direction on the map
  7. the fact that the main menu and the pause menu are exactly the same is confusing

These are some glitches I found.

  1.  map turns black after saving
  2. mouse controls don't let you shoot
  3. glitch when shooting cactus
  4. Help Menu: "pam wohs" isn't English. I think it should say "show map".

It looks really cool. It would be nice to have a demo version to try.

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Your welcome. You should make the graphics yourself, or find someone you know personally. I was going to try the update. Why did you add the internet and view network connections permissions? Also you should try to make the graphics match more. Some of the graphics are pixel art, and some of the graphics are not.

The game could be nice. The game play was interesting. I felt like the graphics may have been just ripped off the internet though. Also the graphics looked stretched out. The level backgrounds would look nicer if they were fixed to the view on the screen, and they didn't scroll. The game took a lot of storage. I liked that it didn't use any Android permissions. The game needs some sound as well. is a nice place to get sound effects. I normally look for sounds in the public domain or use the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. is a nice place to get music. The music uses the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. looks like it has some nice 2d artwork.

The game has potential, but it could be improved. The touch screen controls on Android are frustrating. Perhaps you could make the four arrows in to a floating joystick or make the arrows squires. I died mostly, because I pressed the wrong arrow button. It would be nice if the knife was more powerful. Also, it would be nice to have a floating joystick to aim the gun. The ground texture on the Playground map has an annoying white grid on it. Lastly the music was very short. Otherwise the game would be really nice. I liked the Cave map. I like that the game doesn't use any permissions on Android.

Thanks for the feedback. I made it more difficult now. Do you think it's better or worse with the change?