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Hello mate, everything in the zine is Creative Commons so you're welcome to use it however you wish. The only caveat is I'd like to be accredited for the original tables if you ever did publish something. If it's just for personal enjoyment you don't even need to ask!

Thank you! I'm glad it still gets readers.

Oh also a negative PSY bonus will reduce the damage dealt by Mystic Gifts rather than raising it and a negative CON bonus reduces the amount you heal during rests. I allow at least one point of damage or healing even if the negative bonus would otherwise take the number below zero.

Yes this is an implied rule that's never actually spelled out anywhere so I put it on the new character sheets to avoid confusion. Ability bonuses are always ten less than their defence, so when the ability defence is depleted by wounds or attacks, the bonus reduces by the same amount. An ability defence of 09 or less will give you a negative modifier until it heals, and can lock you out of succeeding at some saves if it gets low enough.

Indeed, they have adapted to the moisture-poor conditions in Vaarn's deserts and are creeping ever closer.

Glad you're enjoying the zine, if you want to share anything Vaarn-related go ahead! I'm actually running a Game Jam right now where people can submit third-party Vaarn content.

You can still buy copies of the original issue 1 at, that's my personal zine store so everything I publish myself is always in stock there.  If you're referring to the hardback deluxe edition, printing is handled by Games Omnivorous so I'm not in control of stock levels. I've been told there will be a second printing of the hardback book this month, so look out for that soon. 

I'm still looking at how selling the physical copies is going to work. I don't want to make people who already own Khenet Rock etc as leaflets buy them again to get Caeba and Fount.  So there will probably be multiple options available. 

Great work lads, this kindly shape is a ton of fun.

I've said this on Discord but this looks really fantastic already, I'm really interested to see the finished product.

Totally fair, I thought that might be the case. Thanks for your submission, I'm looking forward to reading through them all at the end of August.

Hello there! Thanks for joining, looking forward to seeing your adventure zine! There's a lot more discussion on our Discord channel about the jam if you're interested?

Eigin Oasis and Tomb of Nassak An-Rah are, Khenet Rock isn't. I will be adding two more Adventures to this pack soon which also aren't included in the Deluxe Edition book.

The intent was that some of the synths are delusional or malfunctioning as they age. Those epiphanies are something the synth believes absolutely to be true, but there's no canonical evidence for them necessarily.

Hey thank you! I think I answered you on twitter already but for the benefit of other readers: Doom starts at 0 unless the PC chose to learn any Rituals during character creation.

Incredible work Jacob, really interested to see it develop.

Cheers mate! Just FYI it's unlikely #3 will be reprinted in its current form, so if you're really set on getting a physical copy I would look at Igloo Tree or my Big Cartel, as there's only a few copies left for sale and none to my knowledge in the US. 

Thank you, appreciate it. Issue 4 should be coming Summer next year.

Thank you! Really glad to hear you're bringing it to the table, that's what we aim for. Lmk how it goes!

Thank you! The Lithlings and Planeyfolk are definitely more 'outside the box' in terms of mechanics so I wasn't sure how they'd be received but I wanted to experiment a bit.

Thank you! Glad it lives up to 1 and 2

Thank you, that's really nice to hear! New issue in drafting stage atm and I've got a project coming to Kickstarter in Feb as well 

Thank you mate, don't wanna make too many promises but I'm hoping to make seven issues total. The response has been good so I'm inclined to continue.

Thank you so much, glad you liked it.

Thank you mate, glad you like it.

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thanks for information, have fixed that now

Thank you man, that's high praise indeed. Hope you enjoy it

Appreciate that you gave the feedback, I'm gonna add some info to the itch page to make it clear the zine itself is black and white, had no idea people were assuming the whole thing was white on blue. I do my best to balance arty design and readability. Anyway thanks for the comment, will be releasing new zine issues and other content soon.

don’t worry mate I’m doing orange text on purple for issue two 

it’s exactly the same, I just added inside cover pages because the old pdf didn’t have them and I realised it made the layout wonky if you viewed the pdf as double spreads 

ah fantastic to hear, thanks for telling me when it arrived, nice to get some data on how long the postage takes 

Awesome, thanks for your purchase!

yeah everything from the first batch is shipped. I am shipping from the UK so it might take a while to reach you if you’re American. Reach out to me if it’s been like two months with no sign, I’ll make sure a copy does reach you. 

That's super interesting, I suppose it's a bit like sitting down to write a story and using the dice for inspiration? I'm halfway through a play of 1,000 Year Old Vampire atm, you might like that if you haven't checked it out. It's designed for solo players. 

Anyway, I have made the first issue of the zine available through print-on-demand, so everyone who wants a print copy can get one. I was printing this issue through Lulu anyway so there's no quality drop:

Hello, I worked out how to make it print on demand, so you can now order direct from Lulu, they won't run out now

Hello, I worked out how to make it print on demand, so you can now order direct from Lulu, they won't run out now

That's awesome to hear, I will give you the heads up once I make the order for a third run.

I'll give you a shout when I've made the order. And thank you, they're from Gamescience, they did an odds and ends sale about a year ago where you could get a set in random colours. 

Wow, thanks so much for the review! Really glad to know it's being enjoyed. I'm quite curious about your solo play; do you act as a GM as well? I've never run a TTRPG like that. 

Hello, the second print run has actually already sold out! I'm thinking there will be a third run so I will keep you posted, I'll give you a comment on here when it's dropping?