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Where can I play this?

But you know you can save somewhere in the game, do you?

A dorky carefree strut perhaps!

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Hi again, the latest version should have the bugs you encountered fixed, and I overworked the 3D dungeon keyboard controls – thank you for the bug report, much appreciated!

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The dungeon control problem is kinda interesting, because *personally* I was obsessed with the original machine's arrow buttons and wrongfully assumed everyone else would be and use them (the mouse controls), too, so I never really put much care into the keyboard controls, but now I find that of course people gravitate towards them, so maybe I should rework this part a bit, haha

Hello! Yes!!! Do crimes, be gay! Glad you made it til the end, despite some bugs. About those:

1) Need some help here: Clicking on the isometric map or the world map with the symbols? What do you mean by locked movement speed, does the character still move?

2) Do you mean the bug where you enter the dungeon and the virtual arrow "buttons" don't do anything, no 3D movement? Or have you tried navigating with the keyboard?

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Oh hello! Glad to hear you like it! You can save only in one spot, and that is here on the map. It's some sort of lake with a cat nearby!

Nice way of letting me know you've made it to the end without getting stuck, always relieving, esp. after a big update, thanks Fisher!

Hello and thanks! I assume you have made it to the village with the cars? Maybe you overlooked the green dot person right in the middle?

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From graceless to graceful, it's been a long way! (Thank you!)

Thank you so much! I'm always happy when people get & enjoy the awkwardness

Phew! I‘m glad!

Have you talked to the Garbage Angels? After that, you should be able to move down (south) below the amphitheatre and an exit button should appear

You know, since all my games are made around the music and would not work without, there is really nothing to "forgive". Thank you for the love, O.!

Hello, thank you for your interest! There is a (slightly outdated) web version of my first game Deity Driving available here, but the other ones can't be ported to Mac, although they do work with Wine / Portingkit!

As I'm currently trying to finish my next game, and the final stretch stretching out endlessly, your comment helped me, uhm, not give up! Thank you, Stephen.

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Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! Made my day!

Thank you!!!

Thank you, Michael!

This FRPG (fun role playing game) felt lightning fast, like drinking six cans of Coke at 2 AM, cranking the speakers higher and higher, and the night outside becomes outer space

Hey, thanks for the request! Send it to abseitspop at gmail . com!

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The actual game almost seems like an afterthought to the music, I mean who in the world would compose 5 or 6 full tracks for such a tiny baby game, ah yes,  musicians 🤓

I love that this music isn‘t a mere pastiche but its own thing