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I came to the forum thinking "Surely there must be a search filter, that's a basic function that any platform like this would have, I must just be missing it" and then I see this thread. 

So I throw my vote for having a filter option that isn't just the admin tossing in a quick scotch tape solution. I think a lot of people try to find this feature, fail decide discovery is too much of a pain here, and give up.

I hope the break helped you recharge! 

I'm sorry to hear about the morale changes. I thought tying it to combat mechanics was a great innovation, but it is true that I held morale at max and resisted using any skills as a result. So I'm looking forward to see the new iteration.

Excited to see this update! The production values and beautiful art/audio of the game are worth the wait.

I had that problem too. I think closing and reopening the game after setting it to English fixed the problem.

Love the joke ending I got. Great work! 

I really enjoyed this game. Good balance of tension and sweetness throughout, and obviously the premise is going to make it something unique! It feels like you really used your time constraints for the jam well and the story is just as big as it needs to be, if you know what I mean.