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Thanks guys!

Sounds awesome, look forward to it :)

Picked this up today. Like it so far, cant wait until it gets a bit more polished...
My feedback currently would be to clean things up as much as you can. At the moment its quite overwhelming at first.
Split the base character stuff out into a differnt BP (anything that isnt to do with inventory or weapons, so player stuff, health stuff, movement, etc) basically make it easier for someone to add into a project that will already have that stuff. (it is just supposed to be inventory and weapons after all)
Perhaps make the inventory a blueprint component?
Also i feel like the way that the ammo "inventory" as you have called it could be reworked / streamlined. It seems weird to have all the checks with the casts, there should be an easier way to do this? Having the separate values attached to the character for each of the ammo types seems a weird way of doing it. I don't know, perhaps it does make sense, and that could be part of the inventory belt, which could be a component, that way you could just replicate the stuff in that component too.....

Just idea's, i'm sure i can come back with more once i have spent more time with it.
Cheers, and keep up the work! :)