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Weapon Master VR (UE4)

Weapon Master VR is a comprehensive weapon, pickup, and locomotion UE4 blueprint system for the HTC Vive. · By Heavy Diesel Softworks

We want your feedback! Sticky

A topic by Heavy Diesel Softworks created Apr 08, 2017 Views: 515 Replies: 10
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Weapon Master VR is in its infancy and your feedback is paramount to making it everything it can be. Please post any and all comments and critiques! We are listening.

Hope you could setup this project in a way that we can import into epics default vr template I did find that on the UE forum others have requested this also and you responded with:

So, just to clarify, when we started Weapon Master the VR Template from epic did not exist. Yall are recommending I extend from that to get its teleportation and basic locomotion setup? I assume epic will allow that?

From my side totally agree with going with what works just fine no need to reinvent the wheel so please extend from the default VR project ! and by the way Epic market policy allows you to use anything that is provided by epic them selves even if you sell for profit example any assets or blueprints from learning or demo or default project are all fair game you can use in fact its encouraged you can verify that from epic them selves they confirmed it once on a twitch broadcast when I asked about that :)


Well you are in luck because the next update is changing weapon master to extend from epic's vr template just as you ask! It is in testing right now and should be out in a few days.

Deleted 77 days ago

Thanks so much for the feedback. The patch coming out tomorrow should start to do some of what you have asked. I will be constantly simplifying and streamlining things as we go. The inventory right now is sort of a working prototype. In the future I want to have something way more user friendly, possibly something with a UI backpack as well for carrying items. I will look into splitting it off into its own thing.

Be sure to check out version 1.0.1 we are dropping tomorrow. It improves and changes a lot.

Sounds awesome, look forward to it :)

sounds great! i really cant wait to see if i can now easily use it in my prototype project, one thing though i want to request i am 3d printing my own weapons and would like to use the new htc trackers to make my weapon tangible any chance you will support that in the future?


Yes, that will be a feature we support in the future. We are trying to get some trackers so we can add it in, once we get some I will begin doing so. As for when, well that depends on if we get some through a developer deal we are trying right now, otherwise it will have to wait until we can afford them :P.

Amazing project! It's definitely worth every penny and more. I have a question, though. I added a body skeletal mesh into the BP_VRCharacter, but it (the skeletal mesh) seems to raise in the air when the HMD (presumably the collision capsule?) is in contact with it. https://answers.unrealengine.c...   Any ideas on how to get around this?


Question: What do you have the skeletal mesh parented to? 

There are a few ways to add a body to the player character that will work depending on what you are going for.  

1. Go into the dummy mover blueprint and set your skeletal mesh to the one that is part of that heirarchy. The Dummy Mover is just a regular character BP like the ones found in the Epic's Third Person and First Person templates. 

2. Parent it to root of BP_VRCharacter and set its location and rotation in Event Tick of BP_VRCharacter. 

3. Parent to the same capsule that the inventory objects are parented to in BP_VRCharacter. 

I would not parent to the HMD at all. 

I should add that I have not tested this yet, I was planning on adding an optional player body as a feature in 1.1 or 1.2. It may require some more scripting to get it to function correctly.

Thanks so much for your help. I finally got it working, and it's exactly what I was looking for :D  What I did was go into the Dummy Mover BP and change the collision setting on the capsule to either "Physics Only (No Query Collision)" or "No Collision" to allow the legs of the mesh to contact the floor. These settings still allow the testing range demo map to function normally and allows my character to interact with the guns, objects, etc. Options 2 is the only way I know how to build a character so far.  I can't say enough how awesome this pack is! I really really really appreciate you making it, and I'll buy it again once it hits the marketplace in support. I think a huge feature of this pack is that it's extended from Epic's VR Template, which makes it easier to assimilate your project into other projects. This is probably the best purchase I've made for Unreal so far, and it's made my game a reality. Thanks again, and I'd be happy to recommend your product to others or write a positive review. Take care and keep up the awesome work!


I am so glad I was able to help, and thank you so much for your kind words! Feel free to check us out at our UE4 forum page when you get the chance. Its the most active right now