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Posted in P.T.98 comments

this is one amazing demo. I can't say how much I love your talent and amazing work, you got it spot on. it's more than just graphics, it gave me the feeling of when I was playing silent hill, alone in the dark, and other horror games on the playstation one. I do hope you get a lot of attention for this and maybe even start your own game with the same style. 

JACK SEPTIC ADVENTURE is a 2Dfan made game for jacksypticeye, the game is nice and show love for him, and am happy to play it since he is one of my favorite youtuber 

Shih Ho is a creepy and deep game that have mysterious meaning behind it, but to find that meaning you need to dig deeper inside your mind 

Fariwalk the past is a heavily stylistic game, with a bit of a silent hill vibes about it. really nice to play but hard to get. 

Stranded inside your own car while the horror lurk outside it, wonder what kind of pain awaits outside it. 

Midnight Scenes is an episodic horror game where out lovely Girl  drives around in her lovely car, looking for lovely places and now she is in a bloody lovely situation. 

Posted in Urbex comments

Here's something scary to think about... Microtransactions here's another scary thing EA... scared enough okay now enjoy Urbex a wanna be horror demo that can't match the horror and dear EA puts in the heart of any gamer. 

Great start, really nice work. please just don't make it a cheap jumpscare game, you have a good start with the camera, and puzzles so keep it up. And no rule of 3s XD.