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I loved this test and kinda gave me an insight at how I see things. Really well done. 

I played almost all the major PT recreations on my channel and this by VR trump them all, the details and the way you made it show how talented and creative you are. Hope you get a call form a team that would love to have someone as talented as you on their studio staff. 

I really admire your work and how amazing the art style music, and way of the story for each episode were. Great job, and how you get more supporters mate. thanks for your work and games 

Really amazing and show passion. I can't wait to see your silent hill recreation. GG mate. 

really great work for a student project. I really like it and think it can go a long way if there was more work put into it. great job peps 

A light heated and fun game, that hides more  than it show. wonder what type of twisted things the dev hid in this one, and what lays behind the creepy cute mask of this game

P.T is gone, but the impact it did still lingers just like you can see in this short demo. September 1999 takes that small confined location and make you put out your own theories of what's going on, who am I and why people are dying here. 

So when I saw this I thought it would be a cheap rip of of things that RE and SH share then I looked at it as it's won game and when I did that I saw that it has a good chance with more focus story, and better audio to get better atmosphere. 

JACK SEPTIC ADVENTURE is a 2Dfan made game for jacksypticeye, the game is nice and show love for him, and am happy to play it since he is one of my favorite youtuber 

Shih Ho is a creepy and deep game that have mysterious meaning behind it, but to find that meaning you need to dig deeper inside your mind 

Fariwalk the past is a heavily stylistic game, with a bit of a silent hill vibes about it. really nice to play but hard to get. 

Stranded inside your own car while the horror lurk outside it, wonder what kind of pain awaits outside it. 

Midnight Scenes is an episodic horror game where out lovely Girl  drives around in her lovely car, looking for lovely places and now she is in a bloody lovely situation. 

Here's something scary to think about... Microtransactions here's another scary thing EA... scared enough okay now enjoy Urbex a wanna be horror demo that can't match the horror and dear EA puts in the heart of any gamer. 

Great start, really nice work. please just don't make it a cheap jumpscare game, you have a good start with the camera, and puzzles so keep it up. And no rule of 3s XD.