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Good game. Good Job!

Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks a lot for the feedback I really appreciate it.

Its a short and difficult game. Thanks for playing though! I am glad you like it


Hello, I played your game and loved it so much that I ended up creating a 0 death run for it on normal difficulty. Would love to see more levels of this game it is really awesome!

How about using the word "void" to remove a vessel? Like "void the cat"

I just might because this is a pretty cool project. Thanks again! Looking forward to this.

Yes I already figured by looking at the code. This is really awesome, I see some things aren't implemented yet such as "look" ? Do you have any update blog or something of that nature so that I can follow the progress? Or a github page?

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How would one go about sharing the created stuff with other people? I read that there might be multiplayer? That would be really cool

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that there is no Linux binary and that it doesn't work under wine (for me at least)

I didn't notice any Mac binaries either so I'd just suggest you uncheck the Linux and Mac options and let people know that the game is Windows exclusive.

Game looks cool though. Looks like a lot of effort was put into it. So thanks for working so hard on it.