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I was looking for good stories to read on, and I finally found one!

This story not only had amazing imagery, but finally I found a story with more diverse choices! No more 'I'm sad' 'I'm mad' 'I don't answer' nonsense, this story even has 'I'm mad but i'ma joke about it' and it's amazing!

This story is a work of art, and I can't wait too see more!

I do have a quick comment that the 'X' button when you look at something is like right at the end of the screen, I wish there was some padding around it.

I also wish when the setting is picked to choose genders as I go, I wish the default selected was the intended gender, instead of always being 'they,' I feel this would allow us to keep it faithful to the intent but allow us to change some things around as we please.

Also sometimes the OpenDyslexic font doesn't work properly, and I have to reload the page to fix it.

I truly love this story!
I get burnout and  completely understand abandoning a project, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we would love to see more if thus!

Yeah, I expected as much, but it is still disappointing because this game looks awesome!

The game either takes longer to load then I have patience for, or it just doesn't work on my browser.

OS: ChromeOS

Browser: Google Chrome

Device Specs: Less ram than a pregnancy test

so many honk

I downloaded this in comp-sci class and I now have 4 geese running through leaf piles and tracking mud all over VSCode - My teacher is very concerned XD

Too bad I lost it all immediately after ;-;

I had gotten something even better, and reloaded it instead of screenshotting it ;-;

Oh I just woke up and looked:
That's a really good theme! 

Already got ideas going!

And I've created my channel now!

You can find it here:

Can you add an endless mode? I enjoy the game but feel it is too short!

Thank you! That sounds great!
What socials would you like me to link in the description?

Really cool game! 

I am trying to start a YouTube channel, and had the [incredible unique] idea to play and review indie games on!

I recorded myself playing your game, but before I edit and prepare to post I wanted to check with you and make sure you were good with me posting this content!

Do you have any socials you would like me to tag in the video?

If you would allow me to post this, I will, of course, credit you, Radnyx, as well as link to the game (here), and your page (, as well as any other socials you want me to share! 

Of course this is my first video, so I completely understand if you are hesitant.  

If you would like me to, I can send you the edited footage before I post it so you know what to expect, but I will only post it if you are cool with that!

I'm haven't actually created my channel yet, so I am kind of getting ahead of myself, but as soon as I do I can share that with you so you know I'm being genuine!

Anyway, hope you have a great rest of your [insert time-related word here]!

If you want to contact me through this, here is my buisness contact info:

Skype (prefered contact):


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I am trying to start a YouTube channel, and am looking for content.

A few days ago I came up with the *incredibly unique* idea for a series of playing and testing indie games on!

I just love this game and wanted to ask if you would allow me to record and post a video playing and reviewing this game?

I will, of course, give credit to you, with a link to your page, to this game, and to any socials you would like to get out there to my *really large* audience of -0 subscribers.

I just wanted to ask you if you were alright with my posting this!

Here is the link to my channel:

If you want to contact me through this process, here is my buisness contact info:


Skype (prefered contact):

Really cool game!
Small issue I noticed is by default pressing z moves the piece up (from our perspective) as well as rotating the piece.

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Could we have an idea of when (and where) the hint will be released, so we know when to start looking for it?
Also, maybe could we have a hint now so we can start brainstorming now?
(sorry if this is rude, this is my first game jam)

Ok, thank you for this! I will keep that in mind for my next jam!

I don't have access to discord during the week, so that would be a challenge.

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That sounds great! I've also never done a jam before, so this will be a new experience for both of us!

Do you have skype so we can plan and stuff?

Does this also stop it from showing up in my "hosted jams" page? I'm not concerned about the calender, I just don't know why I can't it there.

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I created a game jam a few days ago, but It isn't showing up anywhere.

I ticked the published box when creating it, but when I look in the jam's hosted page, it isn't there.

It is in my personal jams dashboard, but it has no views at all and I can't find it outside of my jam's dashboard page.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

Bro that melatonin was crazy...

Not trying that no more

Looks fun! Count me in!

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I am a programmer looking to join some game jams, and am ok at pixel art, but only to an extent.

I know several programming languages, but am most comfortable in object-oriented languages.

My prefered game engine is Godot 4 (because I'm on a chromebook :P), and I am happy working in GDScript and GLSL.

I don't have any game jams for a few weeks, so i'm open to ideas!


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Does anyone have any tips or tricks they used to make game jams look fun or interesting they can share with me?

I am hosting a game jam this month called "Happy Jamuary!" (linked below), but I am struggling with getting people to join.

I'm not here to advertise the jam, so the link is only so you can give feedback, unless you actually want to join! I don't want pity joins, only join if you find the theme or idea fun and think you would enjoy it. If so, go ahead, but otherwise, can I get feedback so I can improve it in the future?

No problem!

Yeah, if it was the moderators I would be quite angry, but no it's automatic to show people they can draw a second layer.

I don't even think there are moderators except us :P

Check out the bling!

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I love this game so much!
I just have a few feature requests:

The ability to pick cards and navigate the menus without using the mouse.

The ability to swap (ability of assassin and wanderer) with someone behind you. I've lost so many rounds because I need to turn around first.

When you start a new game, the character it has automatically selected is the same one you just used, it gets annoying when you play anything after Assassin.

If you hover over a card in game, it will give you a short summary of what it does. When you first get a card, sometimes it's easy to forget!

Maybe a (for lack of a better reference) pokédex style thing, so in the menu we can see details of enemies and bosses we've fought before, like health, their deck (possible cards and combinations), how many we've killed, when they tend to spawn, etc.

Also, maybe a save feature, so if we close the tab, later we can come back without losing progress.

And a few more abilities that can attack behind you would be great!

Either way, this game is genuinely amazing, and I can honestly say more than a few people are thinking i'm ghosting them because of the time i've spent on this game.

Happy Jamuary! community · Created a new topic THEME



(Sorry i'm late)

If you press space as soon as you start, then when you hit the ground wait a second and start spamming spacebar, you can get score without losing fuel (works forever)

Can you add an 8 or 16 bit color pallet for the free version, and a color picker (like a HSV wheel) for premium. It would allow more creativity in the free version, while still incentivising the premium features.
Also, please a line tool for free version. Maybe a shape tool for premium to keep incentive for that version?

You should add the ability to see other players! You could make us ghosts like the npc's!


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look at this beautiful creature

See how its eyes pierce into your soul.

They see your every secret.

Every thought.

Every regret.

Every piece of your soul.

Every memory.

It knows.

𝕀𝕥 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕤

𝙄𝙩 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙨.

I got the red one :O

Ah so my $30 logitech mouse is the problem?
I get it, the thing is good for some things, drawing is not one of them.

Love the game, I just wish the info window (position, velocity, fuel, etc.) Didn't go to the center at some height/speed combinations.

Like at lower heights and higher speeds the menu goes to the center because the rocket goes where the menu should be. I really dislike this feature, instead, I wish the camera would speed up to keep the rocket more centered so the menu doesn't have to move.

This one I really dislike (top)

This one is much better (bottom)


All clear!!

Loved the game!
Mochi > Secret is the best ending :P

Also loved Moxie > Yuri tho

How are people drawing so good on COMPUTER! I mean android I get, but COMPUTER??