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this is so good although i did get stuck in between a barrel and a wal

tbh it dont bother me i only have to close itch io and reopen it 

new record! 2m 00s 73!!!!!

i got 2m 10s 16 is that the fastest? iam doing this on a latop not a gaming laptop

im trying to speedrun this game but sometimes i have to close the game and reopen it bc i cant call

Oi BoO stop being a little shit and correcting people we can motherfucking spell but there are such things as mistakes (like you a BIG FUCKING MISTAKE) as i cant tell the condom broke when ur parents where having sex!

download a screen recorder!!

ty it rlly helped bc i found it hard but ive finished it now its a great game B)

ah i dont really like shoot to move 

idk how to stop being in a loop of the same week

oh srry to hear tha

im confused what happend bc i see alot and play alot of "suiside threats" and never any suiside sooo yh 3 star sry

u cant i play every day on real website

how u get number 1 

how do i move on laptop

dude ur fucking kid like 3 or years old so u wont ever get the fear bruh

ffs heart attack when it came in lucky me i have no garage door thing so im fine

among us ded

is this based of the show prison break

is this based of the lost tv show

yes yes yes i got dean hes born on my b-day yayayayayay

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ending 4 ending 3 @ 11:12 in uk time 11:18 uk time cant ending 1 or 2 painnnnnnnn

so hard tbh 11:26 finaly got ending 1 ending 2 and ill be done cant wait no offence

2b how doi get 2a bc idk

fuck it i cant be bothered to do it anymore 5 star ***** 

2a finally 12.04 still number 1

i got bored of it

srry good game tho

how do i finish the one after "./desend or ./turn around"

urm idk bout this did not make me cry but sad inside

so i was playing as girl? and what was the point of the murmere

turns out i like stabbing ppl lol

im so cunfused th

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good ending (bearly) :( 8===D i have all endings lol

lol best game