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 maybe you could add a glint of light from the enemy right before an attack so players can tell when to parry. I also had trouble telling when an enemy was about to attack, so this could also help with that.

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this game seems really fun, and i might just be bad at video games, but the battles seem a bit frustrating to me, like I'm not understanding the timing of attacks, i wish the games was just a little easier like making the timing for parries being a little more forgiving or make it so the parry window is more clear instead of just having to guess the timing.

fun game, reminds me a bit of 20mtd or vampire survivors. the rounds get to hectic way too fast like how to enemies with a shotgun shoot way too fast and the room seems a little to small at times, but i enjoyed it

10/10, lovely game! only thing i wish for is a retail version with more stuff, like more palettes, a hard mode, and maybe a way to add modifiers like all maps move, or falling cant hurt you but curses do double damage.

amazing game, 10/10!

they're an indie dev and the game is 3 dollars. if you cant afford a game about the price of a bag of chips, maybe you need to go get a job. 

Sebine, if you really think this is a major problem, you can join the discord server and say what you think needs to be fixed instead of  yalling into the void:

i have 0 rocks and i cant find any whyyy.

it kept saying that there were 2 e's and 2 t's even though it was pocket (practice mode), make so it just shows one instead

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this game is so dang cool! but i wish a could change the controls.

great game, the 2nd and 3rd worlds feel a little too hard IMO, but otherwise its fun and a great game to just casually screw around

that kind of breaks the point of the game, being a control scheme that is made up of taps

a fun and fantastic game! would love more levels! I suggest a gay cowboy or ace ninja.

kids shouldn't learn about love?

  ████████╗██╗░░██╗██╗░█████╗░░█████╗░ ╚══██╔══╝██║░░██║██║██╔══██╗██╔══██╗ ░░░██║░░░███████║██║██║░░╚═╝██║░░╚═╝ ░░░██║░░░██╔══██║██║██║░░██╗██║░░██╗ ░░░██║░░░██║░░██║██║╚█████╔╝╚█████╔╝ ░░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═╝░╚════╝░░╚═══                                                                                                                           


lol get off kid

GOG? what's GOG?

will this game be on steam?

tell me what sucks coward

I found a bug!

sometimes when you play, leave, and come back, the characters that you add to the journal will act like you never got them.

I personally find it to be a relaxing and simple art style from all the other games like is.

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Ok I LOVE this game, bosses are are hard but fun and beatable, I love the the art style and dialogue- I LOVE BOOTS 4 SALE GUY. Its just a really good game, I gotta my my parents if I can support the game on kickstarter, I really hope you can reach your goal! edit: one more thing add, I think it would be nice if you could rematch bosses after you beat them.

I haven't gotten the genocide ending but I have gotten the other endings that do need Morshu be killed, so here is how:

when you have the gun, go to Morshu's shop and press KILL, then you will go to act, and headshot him a couple of times.