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I have the GT-650M with 2GB DDR dedicated, but using 5GB shared. It can handle most games I have including Skyrim and Fallout4. I thought It would have been sufficient for the unreal engine. But maybe not. Anyhow..... If you can change any gfx settings by console or script please let me know.

Hi Wolf thanks for getting back to me, there is no overlay or pop-up and I have alt tabbed to check it keeps stuttering. I don't know why would it have something to do with CPU compatibility?


I am having an issue with the game, it runs but the sound is all choppy and the game runs super slow. I am using an Alienware M14x with Windows7 64, I have 12Gb Ram and I7 3820 running at 2.70Ghz. Also it doesn't want to go fullscreen and operates in a window which is by my guess 800x600 or slightly higher. I have downloaded both 32 and 64 versions and both behave the same, I have also tried running in administrator or xp compatibility. I hope there is an easy fix or something I'm doing wrong as I really want to play it.