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The task was to just create a character ability which I did. The task didn't involve creating a full game that's why you only have basic movement with a unique ability. If I do make into the round 2 and if it involves upgrading what you currently by adding a level or enemies I will as I'm only following the tasks.

Just left click to submerge

Thanks glad you liked the character ability. I will definitely be adding more stuff to it over the rounds

Thankyou for trying out the ability! I will most likely add more stuff if I make it on to the next round!

Hey, I'm glad you liked the ability! I haven't played dune / Tremors so I don't really know what you mean but I'll check it out :)

I don't really see the similarity but I hope  you liked the ability!

I've rated your game!

There is some bugs on when I click space sometimes it doesn't switch the character, but I see what you tried here and if it work great then I would probably enjoy it more. Overall great ability just needs a bit of polishing.

GDKO Round 1 community · Created a new topic Rate For Rate

If you want me to rate your submission go rate my submission and then post your one here and I'll go rate it out!

My submission:

I'm happy you liked it! Yeah I can definitely do this later on!

I'm glad you liked it but the game ability can honestly be used in a vary of characters not just a worm that's the main reason why I thought this mechanic is unique. Yeah I'll watch tremors for more inspiration if I make it into round 2 / task 2.

Simple prototype for a unique game mechanic. This mechanic was made for GDKO 2022 Round 1, for the task to make a unique game mechanic.


[LEFT CLICK] To Dig Under

[SPACE BAR] To Jump / Exit Underground

[Esc] To Quit Game

Extra Information

I used the worm in the game to demonstrate a way you can use this mechanic but you could also use it in multiple ways, like a normal character that's able to go under ground and pull their enemies in. With this mechanic you can add other little mechanics that make this one pop out! This game was made under 12hrs! Hopefully you find the mechanic quite unique.

Yeah unfortunately it doesn't support androids / apple

I'm guessing you have an old device? As right now I haven't seen anyone with the same issue, sorry about that.

I'm glad you like the game, that's a big issue as it makes it impossible to go past a certain level, thankyou for the information!

Hey, the graphics looks amazing but unfortunately I'm unable to play as I don't know how to get rid of the message of the bottom. Let me know how and I'll play it, sorry.

Hey, thankyou for checking out my game and I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately it isn't a game I'm looking to update but will keep this in mind for future games, thankyou!

I probably could if I didn't have 2 days to work on this, thankyou for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked my game!

I've checked it out please check out mine

Great Graphics, great gameplay and overall I really enjoyed it!

Sorry I couldn't make it to the stream but I just checked it out and left a comment! Thankyou for the feedback!

Checked yours too

Hey, really like the game and the graphics everything looked really good. The only thing I see that could be a problem is that I have to install other apps to actually run the game. I would recommend moving from pygame when you want a game for a lot of people to play but for now it's good!

Thankyou for checking out my game :) I agree with you different variety of trash would improve the game! Thankyou for the feedback.

Thankyou :)

Damn you should've played mine :( Plastic Sea Defence by Gooey (

Alright I'll check yours right now :)

Interesting game I really liked the game play and feel of the game. The only thing I would Improve is the graphics of the game if you are going to improve it but overall not bad!!

Yeah there is an option to not donate, I just put it there to see if It's a game anyone would like to see more updates. If you don't want to donate and just tell me what I need to improve I will still be happy :)

Yeah I agree I was going to make it into a tower defence type game but the Shop system confused me so much I made it into a clicker game. Thankyou for trying out my game :)

Oh 😂

Better than me, max I was able to get is wave 5 I suck at my own game lol

A LOT OF BUGS!! But still fun and playable I'll be releasing a video on how I created this game soon!!

Hey, do you mind checking out my game first?  It just that I've checked  out so many but people aren't checking my games back, thankyou!

Hey, do you mind checking out my game first?  It just that I've checked  out so many but people aren't checking my games back, thankyou!

Hey, do you mind checking out my game first?  It just that I've checked  out so many but people aren't checking my games back, thankyou!

There is a few bugs I recommend restarting the game if your looking for a high score as the plastic will have more health if you don't

hey, I'll check it out later when I'm on my PC if you have time right now / later check out mine

Haha what round did you get up to?