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Good Tales

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It's short and simple, but a  fun and challenging game nonetheless!

I'm trying to get the Mac demo to create a new file (currently using  Mojave 10.14.6), but I  either am met with a message saying "Template file not found" when I select the  Create New option  or an eternal loading screen when I select "No recent files. Let's make a new character!" 

I remember one was with the hotel owner towards the end of the story (right outside of the locked room). I don't remember where the other one was.

Wow... What a ride that was! Aside from a few grammar/technical errors (characters speaking lines when it was meant to be Michele's inner monologue), I'd call this perfect! 

Not bad at all! Short, but intriguing.

First, thank you for playing the demo! Really means a lot to me! Now, to address a few things:

Some of backgrounds could be replaced with something better. Especially the ones made of photos and pictures from found on the interenet.

Yes, the backgrounds that are obviously real photos are just placeholders; the ones with the art style that matches the characters are more like what the final BG style will be.

I like when game has a lot meaningful (or not) choises, plot-twists and endings :)

Then this truly is the VN for you! :)

The idea of auto-saving instead of normal saving system is good. It requires from player totally other way of thinking - more thoughtful decisions. Is it how it gonna work in full game?

That's the idea! I want the player to actually think about their choices and how they may or may not affect both the short-term and long-term events to come. Nothing to the level of the butterfly effect, though; the outcome will (hopefully) be logical based on player choices rather than the unpredictable "Oh, because you chose to spend time with this person, this person's dog got ran over!"

I'm currently taking a short hiatus from Berry Street while I work on my project for NaNoRenO, but once that's done, I'll be sure to get back to work! In the meantime, feel free to follow one of the social media platforms via the Extras menu in the game, as that's where you'll get more current updates, if you're interested.

No, you can use any engine you prefer as long as the end product is a visual novel.

It was only a few hours long, but it was still a fun, well-made, hilarious adventure. The mystery was very well written, with everything seeming to flow together logically with no constant guessing of what to do next. The characters were written well, and the interactions between them were both comical and believable.

Everything I see seems to be leading up to a sequel/update, and I certainly can't wait to see more from the Occult Crime Police!