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This is a clever idea, and it looks really polished. Very impressive.

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Chill out for a couple minutes with this arcadey action game about landing aircraft. Its soothing colors and relaxing score is sure to take the edge off of the terrifying subject matter of aircraft collisions. Use your mouse to select a plane and draw a path for it that avoids other planes and goes to its landing zone. Couldn't be easier, right?...

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I made this for the Weekly Game Jam week 11. While it doesn't suit that jam's theme especially well, I was still pleased by how well it did turn out, and I want to share it. If you enjoyed it, or if you didn't, let me know with comments and votes, and thank you for playing!

It's very difficult, which I think can be attributed to the cramped space and lack of invincibility frames after you get hit. However, I like the animation, especially on the slimes, and the use of different music when you die is a nice touch. 

Very well-animated