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Just OK.

It's good just fix the hitbox collisions.

Don't forget Sonic does this and Sonic is really cool so I don't think it's dumb.

Just to let everyone know, the same I'm making is new and is made by myself. I'm saying this just in case you guys really like the game, you will know and be surprised that it was made solo.

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I can make art, sound effects, music, etc. I sent a friend request on discord.

I can make music... please.

I'm your guy. Discord: GoodGameDev

Hey Walter White. I got you. This composer can help you.

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I can help. If you have discord, mines is GoodGameDev#7285

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Simplify the rules of the Rolling thing and everything else please.

 never made.

NEW ACCOUNT! This is the new spaceamong account

265 days ago. Took a time long answer.

I played the game and I broke the monkey's ankles. I made a yt video. Kinda Laggy because I forgot to turn on my camera so I just re-acted what I did and forgot to turn on audio and also used my screen-recording because I forgot that I used another app for screen recording. my screen-recording that I used on this video makes videos that is longer than 10 minutes laggy.

How much will it be on switch?

Yes sir


Too Bad that the NES couldn't support this much code in one game back then. But it they did I would be the first one to buy the game.

Can I join?  My discord is GoodGameDev#7285

I'm an artist. I can help. They don't call me Bob Ross for nothing.

If you got discord: GoodGameDev#7285


Yes. But you have to choose 1 game to post to this Jam

Can I be on your team? If you have discord it's: GoodGameDev

Can I be on your team? My name is GoodGameDev#7285

Can I join. I'm a music artist. My discord is GoodGameDev#7285

I'm looking a game team. Would you like to join? GoodGameDev#7285

Yes. As long as the game acts like a pixel game like a GB/GameBoy

Impressive. I make bad games and I'm in College.

Can I be in the team? I make really good music.

Do you wanna team up?

No. It needs to have a Game Boy style. Basically Pixel Art with a yellow colour. for 1996. Or Blue or Red for like a Pokemon red and blue from 1996 style.

Anyone can be part of my team. But first, you need to tell me why. 1 sentence is all I need. Soon I will reply and say Yes or sadly no.

You wanna be part of my team?

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Can this be  play in browser? *Burp* Burp Louder* Burp Even Louder*