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A really fun shooter that would be made so much better by adding a jump key.

This is a really nice one - I love the atmosphere it creates. Just wondering if I'm missing something though - is it possible to survive in the demo? Or is freezing an inevitability?

Also, I found the super tall snowman tower, are there any other landmarks I have missed in the demo?

Great work! Can't wait for the full release :)

Hey there - I'm not sure if you saw my message on your Discord, thought I'd post in the bug reporting thread just in case

Before going into the bugs, I just wanted to say I absolutely love the look and feel of the game, and it's super fun to play.

I'm experiencing 3 bugs:

1. Every second time I launch the game, it flashes a black screen and then closes. Next launch works fine - not sure what's going on there.

2. Without a controller plugged in, I'm not sure if I can interact or skip cutscenes - I couldn't find a keyboard key to do it, and on-screen it's telling me to hit "B". When I plug in a controller, I can hit "B" no issue, but being able to do it on the keyboard obviously is necessary. Maybe I just missed the key?

3. After I interact with the keycard(?) atop the large tower, then go speak with the guy behind the desk, a few seconds after the cutscene begins, my game "restarts" (kind of). It displays the UE splash screen and drops me back to the menu, but the savegame system seems a little broken in that after hitting "New Game", it doesn't show my progress in the slot I selected, but whenever I select any other slot, it loads my progress. Not sure what's going on here, but it's definitely a bug.

I was unable to proceed any further due to bug 3 above, but I was wondering if that is the end of the game either way? I haven't see some of the environments from the screenshots you provided, so I think I've probably not yet reached the end, but I'm not sure.

In any event, the game is super cool - I'm looking forward to playing it further once (hopefully) these bugs are resolved :) Great work!

Really interesting game! Does it have an actual end, though (aside from the "bad ending")? I got the black orb and returned it to the font next to the large door, but still was unable to open the door - not sure if that's the "end" of the game or if I'm missing something.

Fantastic job on the mood and atmosphere though, it's a great experience!

Zortch community · Created a new topic Zortch Speedrunning

Hey folks, Zortch is awesome! It's also absolutely fantastic for speedrunning, both individual levels and the full game.

Zortch now has a board on, along with a presence on a speedrunning Discord server to discuss strategies. If you've ever thought about speedrunning the game, I'd encourage you to try it out! It's super fun, and it would be awesome to collaborate with others on strategies :)

Here's the leaderboard with current records:

Here's the speedrun Discord on which Zortch is featured:

This game is super cool, and one of the most creative games I've ever played. It's kind of horror - more creepy than horror - but it sets one hell of a mood.

I'll be keeping an eye out for future updates on this one. Great job!

Despite being pretty confused at times, I really enjoyed playing through this game. Great job man!

Feel free to watch my video if you want to laugh at me being confused :P 

I did a playthrough of your game with commentary on my YouTube channel - it's linked below if you want to check it out. :)

Some feedback for you:

- Regenerating mana/ammo would be awesome - I softlocked my game a few times by ending up in a situation where I had to kill enemies but had no ammo to do so.

- Performance improvements would be appreciated if possible - I've got a pretty powerful system, but it still struggled at times.

- Tone down the motion blur, it's hard on the eyes.

- The voice lines in the cinematics could definitely use some work; the drawn visuals are AWESOME though.

- The journal view interface needs a HUD button to go back, rather than just a controller key bind.

- The controller support needs some work in general - I plugged in my controller (XBox 360) and restarted the game, and it doesn't seem to pick it up at all.

Overall, I absolutely love this game! I really look forward to playing the games you make in the future!

Haha, I hear you. I'm also an indie dev, it's pretty surreal to see people playing the games you made yourself. 

You've gained a fan in me - I can't wait to see what you make in the future!

Neat game, shorter than I expected but it was fun. Good job!