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I did a playthrough of your game with commentary on my YouTube channel - it's linked below if you want to check it out. :)

Some feedback for you:

- Regenerating mana/ammo would be awesome - I softlocked my game a few times by ending up in a situation where I had to kill enemies but had no ammo to do so.

- Performance improvements would be appreciated if possible - I've got a pretty powerful system, but it still struggled at times.

- Tone down the motion blur, it's hard on the eyes.

- The voice lines in the cinematics could definitely use some work; the drawn visuals are AWESOME though.

- The journal view interface needs a HUD button to go back, rather than just a controller key bind.

- The controller support needs some work in general - I plugged in my controller (XBox 360) and restarted the game, and it doesn't seem to pick it up at all.

Overall, I absolutely love this game! I really look forward to playing the games you make in the future!