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Thank you for your reply. However, I'm still wondering if I have to be subscribed for more than a month to get my Steam keys. How does the process work? Do I get them automatically? Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply. I took a look at your Patreon, but I don't see Steam keys mentioned anywhere specifically.

Only the description of Tier 3 for $10, True Gamer, alludes to something like that: " Digital Downloads of Flambeau, Lewdware, Marble Maid, future Shady Corner games & DLC"

Could you clarify what the conditions are to get a Steam key? Does one have to be a supporter for more than one month?

Thank you.

Perfect Tides community · Created a new topic Steam Key

Hello! I just wondered if we get a Steam key when purchasing it here. Thank you. :-)

I went ahead and purchased the base game, but I wish I could've gotten the full package. It would be nice if it's possible to upgrade it later on.

I wanted to get the game and all the extras for it and I think I saw a complete type of package before, but I can't find it anymore. Is it gone?

Also, if I get the game now, will I still receive a Steam key?


Hello. I'm curious about the game and considering getting it and wondered if you provide a Steam key to people who purchase the game here. Thanks!

Hello! I hope I'm not rude for asking this, but if I purchase CHANGE on, will I get a Steam key or even a GOG key? Many developers are giving out Steam keys for their titles when purchased here. Thanks.

Hello! I would like to purchase this game on, but it seems you haven't released it on here. Would that still be possible? And if so, could you also include a Steam key with every purchase, like many other developers do? Thank you!

I just wanted to ask if you offer a Steam key when purchased on here. I also noticed that there's a Soundtrack available on Steam and not here.

Would it be possible to provide a Steam/GOG link if I purchase the game here?

I would like to support developers on, but I also like having achievements, being able to write reviews and using other features that such platforms offer (Steam Workshop, interacting with the community, etc.).

Thank you.

Mealmates community · Created a new topic Steam key
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Hey there. I try to support developers more on and also value having DRM-free versions of games, but having a game on Steam also has its positives. A lot of developers on give out Steam keys after purchase and it's noted on the product page.

I just wondered if it's an oversight and you give out Steam keys or if you indeed don't.

Alternatively, some developers also make the Steam version DRM-free as well. If that's the case with your game, that would be a great compromise.

Thank you.