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Goliad Games

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Great use of the video backgrounds to tell your story! 

Wonderful! Loved the art, especially lil' ghost! Hope to see more.


Thanks for the positive feedback! Yes, def needed to add screenshots. It's my first release so I totally need practice in post-production. 


I really liked this game. I played it a while back and spent a good bit of time looking for it online so I could play it again. Luckily I rediscovered it by searching Reddit. 

I was thrilled to play it again. The art style is unique but still feels classic. The game play is engaging and the dialog witty and charming. I appreciate the effort and thought put into it and really enjoyed how the story progressed. Was not expecting the game play to change like it did through the game, but it made it even more difficult to put down. Fantastic use of style, storytelling and game play. Thank you for making this!