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We need more NSFW femcel/NEET/Girl failure games.

A hercules beetle? Japanese name is Kabutomushi which translates to helmet beetle.

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Happens all the time; if you're not bringing in boatloads of cash they'll terminate you the minute you step a toe out of line with their TOS meanwhile STS and taffy tales have blatant incest and don't get so much as a warning. Hell, Mity has loli in their games and never gets pulled up.

Patreon is a sinking ship due to their biased enforcement of the rules.

So what's the plan with the new DoD? Will enemies from the original version be making a reappearance (specifically the cat fisher and the octopus boss)?

Is it going to be a NSFW game or just lewd? I'll be getting it either way because i really want you to succeed (still saddened that you felt like you had to drop moontide since you described it as your passion project) I just want to know for personal categorisation reasons.

"development will be slightly slow until it can be self supporting"

my reaction

That second to last picture. Goddamn, i hope that scene ends with a facial.

funny how before he pitched that, he sold all his stocks in EA.

funny how he did the same magic trick twice;

Wow, what a load of shit. The PROTECT Act and similar other bills just punish people over fiction. Of course most countries that have something like that are Orwellian nightmares (UK, Australia, Germany, etc.). Americans really don't know how good they've got it.

"A lot of folks are worried because of that thing. You know what I'm talking about." I wish I did know, anyone care to get me into the loop?

Well my interest is piqued, I'll try this out later.

"NTR Mouse is a puzzle game where you control a blue mouse hiding from Big Cat who is married to kitty that you are having an affair with."

So is it netorare or netori?

any chance of this getting the "Hot Road" treatment and making it so that one can "buy" it here and get the updates just prior to the current patreon build?

this game desperately needs a tutorial, it seems I'm always losing money even if I don't hire them.

Big question; If I buy for $100 will I get ALL future updates? I'd rather pay the 1 lump sum rather than pay monthly on patreon.

Yep, i see it now. Thanks for the quick reply!

Doesn't seem to be working correctly; i get to the welCUM  page and then i was removed a few minutes after.

as much as I love Raven, got to go with the girl on the left.

As I and many others said when asked, I prefer the old art.

While I'm not a fan of futa, i will say that the art is very clean and the style is appealing to me. 

hopefully a future project will be more to my liking and I wish you the best with your current endeavour.

Hrablano doesn't have the source code, so he can't implement it if he did redraw it.

Looks good, but I personally feel like the champions should be featured (TOTK Riju, Urbosa, Mipha).

Now if only someone would make a game for all the Husbandos of BOTW/TOTK.

Pretty good story, but i feel like it's incomplete. It just sort of ends very abruptly.

personally preferred the original CG for the peeping scene, will it still be in-game?

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Sorry to doubt you, but people on twitter and the discord are saying you're still hacked. All the mods got banned from the discord just recently and as far as I know the hacker got access to all your accounts (and possibly your files), so I'm going to remain skeptical.

Still hacked.

Do you really think NIS is going to make an official NSFW game? Porn parody games have been around probably longer than you have and has always been (in japan) a legal grey area. Most JP companies don't even bother going after porn parodies because they don't cut into their revenue.

Also you're an idiot because Usalia wasn't in D2, she was first introduced in Disgaea 5.

If I buy the "exclusive" version of the game, will I receive future versions of the exclusive version?

The art looks really nice. I'll patiently wait for the English release.

You shouldn't be, it's a well made game (maybe except for freddy, how the hell was I supposed to know she never comes to the window?) that stays true to the original property's gameplay and the animations are good.

Personally not a fan of futa so I don't like getting caught by Foxy, but that's my only gripe about sexual content.


here's my thoughts; Why are you stealing oinari softs game? Are you so devoid of talent that you have to steal from indie developers just to make a quick buck?

unfortunately I don't have anything to spare to become a patron, but I'm hoping Android 18 wins.

As I mentioned in my other post, I don't feel like it was a lack of interest, but a lack of external advertising. it wasn't mentioned on any discord, reddit or other form of aggregate social media that I could find (twitter isn't the best for spreading advertisements). People can't show interest for something they do not know exists.

If you were to do a second kickstarter, I would suggest posting on r/lewdgames and r/NSFWgaming on reddit and on many NSFW Publisher's discords and other such places like Lewdgamer, a pretty good NSFW game news website.