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Really lovely work! Super creative and fun movement system, and the adaptive soundtrack is a really awesome touch. <3

Really fun concept and great polish on UI!

Polished and a really cool idea! Could easily see this expanded out into a larger game. :D

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cleared A- and B-sides! beautiful game, super super fucking fun to play

Thank you!!

Thank you! ^_^

Thank you so much!! <3

Thank you so much!!

Congrats on the current high score!! And thank you for the kind words :3

Agreed on the SFX haha

Thank you! And yeah, agreed SFX would've been nice. Wish we had the time for them this weekend

I got the gumball ending!! Really evocative writing and a super cool concept.

Heartbreaking and beautiful. Hit hard with me this morning, incredible work. <3

Really really fucking cool idea, and amazing execution and atmosphere so far! Super excited to see this develop, it's already really unnerving haha

Quick point of feedback, Recreation is spelled as "Recreaction" on the downloading map.

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This is really really really awesome work! Love how puzzle elements are recontexualized, and though the font usage leaves something to be desired, the artstyle and general aesthetic are absolutely gorgeous!!! <3

Also the ending floored me LMAO, great work!

cute game! the visual and sonic aesthetic is super pretty

Fantastic work, calling it moving is a vast, vast understatement. The atmosphere invoked by the premise is rich, and the execution of the dialogue and other elements (including the art on the desktop).

Thank you for the rad as fuck game 🥺

Super fun aesthetic and really engaging gameplay! Controlling the character feels super nice, the platforming challenges you were able to make in just a week is honestly kinda wild. Great work!

Evocative <3

Incredibly polished game and incredible idea! I fucking love how the bullets change types when they cross between universes, it led to a lot of unique patterns and cool gameplay ideas that I think could definitely be expanded on, if you wanted. My only gripe is that I think the bibilical angel (the fight above the city) was several orders of magnitude more difficult, basically any time I died, I died at that stage. That aside, again though- great work! This is fucking awesome. >:3

Just did a playthrough, liking how it's turning out so far! Digging the aesthetic of the visual assets that are in the game right now. 

My biggest thoughts right now are with the controls, specifically with turning. I totally respect the tank controls, but right now, turning is very slow-- there were a few times where I reached a junction, turned one way, realized there was an enemy behind me, and then couldn't turn around in time to shoot them. In a way it felt like arbitrarily punishing me for picking the 'wrong way' forward, if that makes sense? Which felt a little unfair.

Hopefully that's useful, haha- good job so far and good luck moving forward!

Lovely short puzzle game! Had a bug in the fish room which prevented me from finishing, but it was funny so didn't detract from things too much lol

Great work :3


Super polished! Love it :3

Staggering amount of polish, this is fucking amazing. Great work, all of you!!

This is fucking amazing, I love this concept and the voice lines are hilarious

Great work!!

Wasn't able to pick up the mouth or the eye sticker but aaaaaaa gosh this game is really pretty!! Love itttt

Really unique concept for a microgame! Love it :3

Really fun concept!  A little hard to figure out what to do at first, but that's partially because of the really cool depth you got here. Nice work!

Love the music and art!!

"A platypus??"

"PAPER the Platypus????"

Cute game :3

Sound and visual design in this are absolutely lovely!

Thought provoking. The change in visual theme from the real world to the VR simulation was especially affecting- great work!

Thank you!!!

love the visual aesthetic and the music :3

lovely :3

really fucking cute game!! the shirt flipping gag was hilarious, A+

Paint snakes! ssssssss
Thank you so much from both of us for the kind words :)

delightful game, really fun puzzle design :)

I really fuckin like this, it made me feel like a good person for helping will out :3

aa thank you so much 🥺