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i've unlocked the gas and the eye lockers on a couple different ones in the first map still unclear what they do but they randomly despawned when i changed days and the points are even gone! Bug or is this an unexplained feature?

Wait really? I guess i'm just blind then.

When will we get a gallery?

Would you consider putting the more current version up for sale on itch?

You should probably add a list of keybinds somewhere. I just figured out you can swap your active party member with the number keys and now i'm looking for the other ones like recovery/eating and stuff

See that's how a lot of them do it but not all so I feel it's best to simply ask rather than assume. Some creators will charge individually for each version released.

So you really should call the demo a demo. Especially if you're never going to do public release for any more of the game.

Are you charging for each new version or is it a one time buy?

Are some of the events not enabled yet in this beta version? I have multiple character cards that have event hints that are either not set up yet or not triggering at all.

I think you're just getting really lucky because I'm not getting kanzaki to trigger every time I've had an easier time gaining on nezuko but it's not every time either.

so what perks does hard mode have? Cause the list only has the difficulty increasing parts but maria says before you get to the selection that there are rewards for doing it? Are they just not implemented yet? I've wend ahead and made a save at the selection so i can go back and start hard mode if there is an actual reward for it.

same, I think they messed up the update or it's not actually updated yet

This is pretty promising but you can't resize the windowed version which is too small and fullscreen is annoying especially with multiple monitors

Needs an M/M only tag somewhere

the game keeps freezing after the last question is answered

Is anyone else having issues updating the launcher? Mine stalls every time at 34% on [scene_mc.rpa] and it zeros out the time left.

it tells me i need to talk to mai at the hut but I can't seem to get the event to trigger no matter how many times I click chat or bond.

I live in one of the most backasswards countries in the world and didn't realize this was a thing until today. We just always have the tp on the counter right across from the toilet.

It keeps telling me that it can't download from that source so I think they're may be something wrong with the Mediafire? do you have the game anywhere else I could try and download it like mega?

Yeah I just started it a few days ago.

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I bought estelle's contract and got the scenes after with her and have spent a game week just making money and building affection. Is that everything in-game right now?

Edit: I had to reinstall and restart the game but I got more main quests.

Just wanted to make sure you knew about the crashing since I didn't see it going through the other comments. Keep up the good work.

I'm liking the game so far. There is an "extras" option on the main menu that crashes the game when you try to go through its empty pages.

Love the game but I really wish there was a gallery in the game for the scenes that you've already unlocked