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finally beat the last level lol

how do i remove text? i've tried every button on my keyboard and nothing works,


i got 30

best game i've ever seen

you should be able to start over from the level you died on.

3 out of 4 aint bad

i don't get it

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cool game

hm, i figured out something and beat the game, but i still don't get what the music note does.

what does the secret code do? is there a screen i'm supposed to input it? is it a specific tile somewhere? are there unexplained game mechanics?

why does the red line have to go up at the bottom?

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clear vid plz

i don't get it

suddenly getting extreme lag in this game

this game is beautiful. typically great kultisti game

thanx sylvie.

it would be hilarious if this level was actually impossible!

particularly the last screen. i think it's the last screen. it better be the last screen. you have to use all 3 characters and there's one item at the top of the screen and an object is coming toward your characters and kills them which makes it too hard.

does anybody have a video walkthrough of this?

i can't get past like the 2nd room cuz there's people on BOTH SIDES and i hit both of them no matter which way i look. great game!

score 548

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is there any way to get better luck in this "game?"

what twist?

level 1-4 is literally impossible.

post cheat codes here

how do you get to level 2? i got all the stuff!

where's the star? probably behind a fake wall, right?

i was trying to fit that black table into the black background for like half an hour at least.

that's a tight fit. TOO tight. YECHHH!!!! i beat the game, HA!

do you have to get rid of the black table first? i don't understand the "hints". give me a real hint. i CAN'T FIT THE TABLE INTO THE COLOR!!!


the last section of the last level is the most unfair section in the history of gaming

this game is awesome

so eating food doesn't refill health?

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this room with the spikes is literally impossible.

edit: you can push the spikes as they're falling. makes sense!!!

i'm just gonna asuume that this game doesn't have an ending. good game!