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OH YEAH! It's time to release my FINAL PACK OF MY MODELS. It uncludes all fan-robots and some of them were redesigned. Anyone can download it and use! I hope that some of my ideas will be added to the game.


Neon jetpack bots:

MK 1: jetpack, laser sword

MK 2: jetpack 2, laser sword, energy capacity 1

New model of harpoon.

I got an idea to add another upgrade, namely a grenade launcher. You can shoot grenades like a spidertron. Hold LMB to aim. One shot takes one energy. This upgrade is available after "Energy capacity 3".  Also, the grenade will be painted in the same color as the human. But this perk will be blocked. You need to complete "Spidertron Challenge". This challenge contains 10 levels, in each of which there will be a spidertrons, and in the last levels you need to defeat SPIDERTRON-10000(The info about this enemy written in the previous topics)

Pistol Bots(a concept of pistol is above): The pistol is a new weapon in the upgrade tree. The pistol bullets do the same damage as the sparks from the explosion of a spidertron bomb. The feature of the pistol is that equiping it your energy won't be restored until it is completely run out but when your energy is completely over your pistol reloads in 5 second and the energy is 100%. Also the "Energy recharge" upgrade affects pistol reload: if you have "Recharge 1" pistol reloads in 4 seconds, if you have "Recharge 2", then 3 seconds. One shot takes 1/2 energy

Upgrade: Pistol -> Double Pistols(two pistols!)

                                    -> Accuracy(the pistol shoots more accurately) -> Bullet Spray(when shooting, in addition to the main bullet, another 4 bullets fly out of its barrel, which fly around)

Pistol Bot MK 1(light pink): He doesn’t shoot at long distances. Upgrades: pistol, energy capacity 1

Pistol Bot MK 2:(hot pink): accuracy, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, mark 2 get up

Pistol Bot MK 3(light purple): max pistol, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 2, get up, sword, block arrows 3, mark 2 unbalance


I've made a post with rhinobot :)


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New versions of MK 6 robots(The info about some of these robots is written above):

*MK 6 swordman(blue): laser sword, get up

*MK 6 archer(green): laser arrow, get up, energy capacity 3

*MK 6 combat sniper(purple): blazing hammer, laser arrow, crossbow, get up, energy capacity 3

*Swordmaster(hot pink): laser sword, double blade, get up, block arrows 3

*Pistol Bot MK 6(red): pistol, grappling hook, max energy, get up

*Bot with RC drone(grey): crawl, get up, jetpack 2, RC drone. This robot will hide controlling his flying drone which will attack the human. If you find him he will run away from you. The drone can be destroyed. For mind transfer challenge: 

Press T to transfer your mind into the drone, press SHIFT to sprint, move your cursor to guide the drone, hold F to shoot

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New model of Spidertron 10000:

P.s. For Mind transfer challenge: Press F to use a laser/flamebreath, press space to jump highly, press RMB to kick, press E and aim at the wall on which you want to jump or just walk up to the wall to climb on it

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Here're some ideas for Level Editor and new robots

>Pterabot: It's a pteranodon-like robot that can fly. He uses a laser beam in the air. Also he will kick you with sprint. For Mind Transfer Challenge: Press F to use a laser, press SHIFT to sprint. Press SPACE to turn on the jets, move your cursor to guide the pterabot. When flying, energy will not be consumed.

Level Editor:

1)I thought about the ability to destroy objects. You can make any object breakable and destroy it like your enemies. You can also make objects movable like the chairs from "Story_assets" folder

2)Drone creator: It is a new mode in which you can build your own enemies. You can create not only a humanoid, but also a beast-like robot, giving it various upgrades.

The carcass will be shown at the beginning that also you can create yourself. And using this carcass you can draw parts of the robot with voxels and make them glowing. You can also program the robot by adjusting the speed of movement, time of energy consumption, etc. + You can load your models from voxel editors such as Magica Voxel or Qubicle.

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>"Arrow bounce" upgrade: Avaliable after "Arrow width 300%". After the shot, your arrow can bounce off any surface only once, but this upgrade can be improved, the value is 2 points

Arrow bounce 2: your arrow can bounce off two times

Arrow path: Avaliable after "Arrow bounce 2". Aiming you will see the red path along which the arrow will fly. Also the path will turn green if it touches your enemy

Fire hammer 2: BLAZING HAMMER

Crawl: with this upgrade you can crouch, to do it, press and hold CTRL. I think that the game can be made realistic by adding the ability to hide from robots. I mean that robots will attack you if they notice you. They will also respond to your steps, that's why I added this upgrade.

Here're some jetpack bots:

Acid jetpack bot: jetpack 2, acid sword

Lava jetpack spearbot: jetpack 2, lava spear

Ice jetpack spearbot: ice spear, shield, jetpack 2

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>New ice bots:

Ice swordman(middle): unbalance, block arrows 3, ice sword, get up

Ice archer stationary(left): bow, energy capacity 1, kick power

Ice combat archer(right): bow, energy capacity 1, ice sword, block arrows 3, get up

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I decided to divide ax bot into marks and add ax as upgrade:

>AX>FIRE AX: You can't block arrows but advantages of ax are its length and ability to unbalance your opponents such as swordmen and spearbots with a shield. 

Ax bot MK 1 + render of ax: mark 1 hammer bot size

Ax bots MK 2 & MK 3

Mark 2: mark 2 hammer bot size, mark 2 get up

Mark 3: mark 3 hammer bot size, fire ax, bow, fire arrow 1, arrow width 200%, energy capacity 2, get up

Jetpack ax bots MK 1 & MK 2

Mark 1: jetpack, mark 1 hammer bot size

Mark 2: jetpack 2, energy capacity 1, fire ax, mark 1 hammer bot size

Ax bot MK 4: get up, ice ax, energy capacity 1, attacks dashing

Download: soon in the last pack

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Stand name: Heart Frozen

Stand user: Gold Dierus

Stand ability: Freezing any living thing, Ice rain(=emerald splash but more destructive)

Power: A

Speed: A

Range: A

Durability: A



A humanoid stand which freezes living objects with its storm or by simply touching them. He can destroy a frozen victim by using his fist as a detonator, remove the effect from it, or leave it frozen forever, as the Heart Frozen's ice is indestructible.

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>Acid swordman and archer(look in previous topics about acid)

Swordman: acid sword, unbalance, get up, block arrows 3

Archer: acid arrow, arrow width 200%, energy capacity 2, get up

New models of acid sniper and acid spear bot

Acid sniper: max energy, acid arrow, arrow width 200%, get up

Acid spear bot: acid spear, shield, get up, energy capacity 1, sometimes moves back and pokes dashing

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>Lava Sword/Arrow/Spear: the value of each of these  upgrades is 2 points, avaliable after "fire sword 2"/"fire arrow 2"/"fire spear". If you hit the enemy with such a weapon, then it starts to burn as if it touched lava.

Lava swordman: lava sword, block arrows 3, energy capacity 1, attacks dashing

Lava archer: lava arrow, bow, lava sword, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, attacks dashing if you come close

Lava sniper(left): lava arrow, max energy

Lava spear bot(right): lava spear, shield, energy capacity 1, attacks dashing

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>Rapier Bots: the rapier is shorter than the spear but the rapier pokes faster, which makes it a pretty powerful weapon.

"RAPIER" upgrade: rapier -  speed poke 1 - speed poke 2


                                       fire rapier 

Rapier Bot MK 1:

Rapier Bot MK 2: speed poke 1

Rapier Bot MK 3: speed poke 2

Rapier Bot MK 4: fire rapier, speed poke 2


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>Mace Bots: The advantage of mace is that it's unblockable and its swings are faster than that of a hammer but if the mace bot hits the shield you will be unbalanced. When hitting the player gets serious damage.  Also the mace is the new upgrade. You can increase your mace size.

Mace Bot MK 1: he attacks vertically like a MK 1 swordman

Mace Bot MK 2: mace size 1, mark 2 get up, business jetpack bot size

Mace Bot MK 3: mace size 2, get up, MK 1 hammer bot size


Mace Bot MK 4: fire mace, get up, MK 1 hammer bot size

Mace and its sizes:



I think that you can improve the game by adding the ability to choose any color for your robot

>"FLOAT" upgrade and new ver. of  "ARMOR II"

I decided to divide the aquabot into three types and add new sea monsters that you might like too.

Aqua swordman: fire sword 1, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, jetpack, get up, float(upgrade gives you jet boots which give you an ability to swim)

Aqua archer: fire arrow 1, arrow width 200%, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 2, jetpack, get up, float

Aqua combat archer: fire arrow 1, arrow width 300%, fire sword 1, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 2, jetpack, get up

Flaming hydra: This monster has 3 heads: Two side heads breathe fire and the central head makes a laser, also it can swim and move around on the land. You can chop off three heads or chop off the backbone to kill it.

>Laser Squid: these robots can only move in water too, they shoot a laser like a laser sharks but they are slower than sharks. The feature of squids is blinding ink, squids spit it out  and swim away if the player comes close. Also you can change skins of sharks and squids    + I changed the shark model.


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>Masterbot MK 4: max energy, energy recharge 3, laser, max spear, shield 2, max crossbow, max hammer, kick power, get up


I had an idea! I think it would be better to add a new object. PARALIZING TRAPS.  It looks like a cubic space with a force field. If the player touches this field he will be thrown back like a usual kick but he will be paralyzed for a while, and 2/3 of his energy will be taken from him


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Here're gonna some extra robots and new versions of snipers:

Fleet Overseer MK 2: max energy, energy recharge 3, max bow, max sword, block arrows 1, laser, grenades

Spearbot MK 5: He attacks dashing and bashes with a shield. Upgrades: energy capacity 3, kick power, max spear, get up

Snipers(MK 1, MK 2, MK 3):


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>MK 6 robots/Neon bots:

>Swordman MK 6: This swordman can't deflect arrows but he has a LASER sword. The advantage of laser sword is that you can't block it, its blade will go through your sword. The damage is the same as the laser of Fleet Overseer.

>Mark 6 combat sniper: this sniper has a blazing hammer and his main advantage is UNBLOCKABLE ARROWS. Upgrades: energy recharge 1, blazing hammer, get up, kick power, crossbow, hammer bot MK 1 size

>Archer MK 6: This archer has unblockable arrows like sniper MK 6 but arrow width is small, also he moves like archer MK 5. Upgrades: energy capacity 3, energy recharge 1, laser arrow, get up

>Pistol Bot:  This robot has two weapons which are grappling hook and pistol which shoots bullets like sparks from grenade explosion. For Mind Transfer Challenge: Press F to use Grappling Hook, one shot takes one energy. Pistol shot takes 1/2 energy. Upgrades: grappling hook, pistol, max energy, get up, kick power

Pistol Bot(left) & MK 6 archer(right) + weapons:


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FINALLY! A NEW PACK OF MODELS NOW AVAILABLE! Follow this link and download!

Made in MagicaVoxel 

P.s Some models are slightly remade and may not match the models in the pictures.

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>Jetpack archer MK 2: energy capacity 2, energy recharge 2, sword, arrow width 300%

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>Magnetic Bot MK 2: this robot uses his magnet to pull the player to him. If this robot touches the player he picks up the random two upgrades you have and uses them. This ability takes 2 energies. You have to kill him to regain you upgrades.

Follow this link to download these models: Made in MagicaVoxel

Harpoon: There're two ways to dismount the machine: 1)Press E to dismount; 2)Spend 2/3 energy to jump up. Just press SPACE key 

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>Harpoon Bots: The harpoon is made so that it can not be carried, it's stationary but If you come close harpoon bot will get off or jump off a harpoon equiping sword

Details: the harpoon is a mini spear with a grenade like a Spidertron's one; It faster than usual arrow but slower than crossbow one; One shot takes 2/3 energy

Features: When the harpoon hits the player It explodes and throws the player like a Spidertron grenade. You can deflect harpoon with "block arrows" but not with a shield. If the harpoon hits a shield It stucks in a shield and explodes in 3 seconds but If the player will try to switch weapon the grenade explodes earlier.

Harpoon Bot MK 1: energy capacity 2, sword

Harpoon Bot MK 2: energy capacity 2, sword with unbalance

Harpoon Bot MK 3: energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, block arrows 3

Harpoon Bot MK 4: energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, fire harpoon, fire sword 2, explosion power(=kick power)


I came up with an idea about new challenges which unlock new upgrades for you:

1) 1 energy challenge: You have to complete 20 Endless mode levels with ONE energy to get "Energy recharge 3"

2)Time freeze challenge: You have to complete 14 Endless mode levels only with a bow and "FROZEN TIME" to unlock this upgrade in "Endless Mode". "Kick" will be locked.

3)Endless bow challenge INSANITY: You have to complete 10 hard levels with new enemies only with a bow to unlock "Crossbow".

4)I think that a"Laser" will be a very useful thing for "Endless Mode", so just update "Laser challenge" and complete it to get this weapon.

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It is impossible. I couldn't convert these files into sound ones. I transferred the VOX files to the archive, so they just can't become sound.

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But there are more to come. Made in MagicaVoxel.

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>Shieldbot: These robots similar to kickbots but they have a big shield like spearbots. They move like MK1 swordsmen and protect other robots from arrows. Upgrades: shield bash, energy capacity 1, shield 2(=block arrows 3)

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>Mark 3 combat Jetpack Archer : He shoots at you on the long distances and equips spear if you come close. Upgrades: energy capacity 2, energy recharge 2, fire arrow 1, arrow width 200%, max spear, kick, mark 2 get up

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>Mark 4 combat hammer bot: Equips hammer if you come close. He attacks dashing but he doesn't do it often. Upgrades: max bow, fire hammer, MK 2 hammer bot size, energy capacity 2, energy recharge 1, get up