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Having the same issue

A lot of fun, gets really intense as it goes on. Up there with root bear for me

Needs sound. Could also go well with crank steering controls

Bought on the catalogue, has to be one of the best games on the playdate that i've played so far. its such a simple idea that gets a lot of mileage, especially when you have someone to compete against for the high score.

Man I want this stupid little device so bad.

I am judging the developer harshly for using windirstat instead of wiztree

is there any way to enlarge the window? I cant see anything

Game crashes immediately after launch

I dont know if the dev still reads these comments but if you do this is amazing and I wish there was more to it.

The controls feel really good, and by that I mean it controls like shit; but not in a bad way but more of a "loose Survival horror tank controls" sort of way. 

I also like how enemies dont show up until their in range of your flash light and I never finished the game but theres a lot of potential for scares by putting enemies in corners where the player wouldnt typically look

Unforunately the save system doesn't seem to work for me. I got past the first boss and closed the game and on coming back there wasn't a save found. 

What counts as an inappropriate edit? What about "edits" that don't change anything?

Can't seem to get gob to work properly, it starts up but mouse controls wont work.

idk how hard this is but 4:3 and controller support for android, itd be cool for emulator devices!

Can't wait for I want to be a square.

theres a softlock in the first level if you destroy the blocks on the way up

This would be very cool to experience in VR

After seeing this game this just makes me want a cartoon with these characters where parsnip annoys lerose every day getting her involved in weird occult shit, kind of in the vein of spongebob.

This has nothing to do with running I mean the performance of the game is nearly unplayable, but I fixed that.

Game lags really badly.

No, absolutely not