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I hope you meant dour games, rather than dire games... I gather they've been very well received!

Hiya, you need to add an incremented buildNumber in your pdxinfo for this to update automatically through online sideloading.

Cheers! For some reason the buildnumber went down in the pdxinfo went down, so it's a bit tricker to sideload via the website.

Love this game on the Switch. Will check it out a little later!

To follow up, I'm really happy with the different translations provided. If verse numbers were included, this would be nearly perfect!

Yeah that’s what I did! And your ebibles link led me to a nice digital version of the original wycliffe translation. Might see if I can add that to an ebook reader. 

This is really cool! I think I’ll have to go for the WEB version so I can scroll the deuterocanon but have psalms with the numbers I’m used to. Were there ux issues with putting all the translations in one app?

Aw, mate this is what I was hoping for!

Is the version on catalog different?

D'oh. Found it under demos. Itch is is a little confusing how it separates blog posts from the main game pages.

How do you download ARTtOO on its own?

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Hi, here's the pdxinfo:

name=Addled author=Clarity Games Ltd. 
description=Classic puzzling reimagined 

So no buildNumber (different than version number)

Strange. Will double check, but I did open the zip. Anyway I did update it manually. 

I think I got the game just after the os update. Not had a chance to lay it in a little bit. 

Sorry for the slow response. What I meant is sometimes the score table would show the top 10 names, but with no scores next to them. This would fix on refresh.

Hiya, this won't automatically update by sideload as there's no buildNumber in the pdxinfo.

Got the catalog version, and it's great. The high scores list is sometimes a little wonky (like the scores may not be shown until the lists are reloaded).

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It's fixed itself after playing another playdate game and then resuming. It might have had something to do with the tutorial screen which it tried to show me twice. Going in and out of the main menu didn't fix it and neither did toggling between pictures and numbers. Anyway, it's fine now, I'll take a picture if it happens again.

Did the numbers tiles always not have borders?

Heya, just updating now. Notice it doesn't auto-update via the sideload site as there's no buildNumber in the pdxinfo

Congrats on getting on Catalog. IS there any difference between this version and the catalog version (for instance does it have online leaderboards?)

Looks really useful!

Very interesting. 

Does itch / playdate have an API way to log in (or are credentials stored on the user's machine?). Presumably this would work on raspberry Pi? (PiOS = Debian). 

Might be nice to have a feature that just flags updates, rather than actually doing the uploading to Panic's servers?

Seems to be crashing with current firmware.

I'm rubbish at this game, but it scratched a real nostalgia itch. Why is it listed as windows/mac platform, btw?

I'm in! Good fun and I really like the art.

I've just updated to firmware 1.13.1 which gives a proper error message on the crash screen (typed by hand):

Run loop stalled for more than 10 seconds

  pc=0x08093034 lr=0x00000060

[C]  drawFaded()


Also, if it matters, I have no save data for the game. (I've tried both version 1.2 and then 1.1)

I've now tried resetting the device with a pin in the hole for about one second and for about three seconds. Didn't make a difference.

the Playdate reset itself, but this is the only crash I’m having (and it’s a full device crash rather than just an app crash). I was hoping that crash log would be helpful. 

--- crash at 2023/02/20 18:46:17---


   r0:00000000    r1:00000000     r2:00030b2d    r3: 00000000

  r12:006d3000    lr:080307eb     pc:08030540   psr: 21000000

 cfsr:00000000  hfsr:40000000  mmfar:00000000  bfar: 00000000


heap allocated: 8065824

Lua totalbytes=330200 GCdebt=-20940 GCestimate=165132 stacksize=80

--- watchdog reset at 2023/02/20 18:50:47---


   r0:00000001    r1:00000001     r2:00045400    r3: 40012c00

  r12:00003fe0    lr:08030aa3     pc:08030a62   psr: 21000000


heap allocated: 8116480

Lua totalbytes=594200 GCdebt=-291906 GCestimate=297180 stacksize=80

--- crash at 2023/02/20 18:54:14---


   r0:2001cb7c    r1:20030154     r2:00000180    r3: 00000000

  r12:0000000a    lr:0803b64f     pc:0803a6f0   psr: a1000200

 cfsr:00000000  hfsr:40000000  mmfar:00000000  bfar: 00000000


heap allocated: 8065824

Lua totalbytes=330200 GCdebt=-20940 GCestimate=165132 stacksize=80

1.2 crashes on load here.

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50p says it was compiled with the latest (not yet released)SDK.

Hiya, I'm going to have a look at your app in a minute. Just wanted to say if you want updating via sideload to work properly/easily, you need to update the version and the buildNumber (even more important) in the pdxinfo.

Sorry, it was a while ago, but yes, probably. Fortunately that doesn't affect game data.

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Hiya, your pdxinfo is a little funny. Your description says 'test' and the buildnumber hasn't been incremented so it's a (tiny) bit trickier to update via sideload. (I know it's just a tiny update).

Good game, though! :)

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What's new? :)

Yeah, I don't think that guidance is super helpful. If people are updating the version numbers in the pdxinfo by hand, I don't see why the build number is any trickier to maintain. And the result of forgetting to increment it is the same as the result of not including it! Anyway, many thanks!

The PDX will work without, but easy updating via sideload won't work. It's weird they don't draw better attention to it.

Hiya, if you want sideloading to work properly you need to put a buildNumber (and a version) in your pdxinfo (and increment it every time you make a new release). Cheers!